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Desert Hike EX

You and your coworkers just finished your IPO! Rolling in cash, you decide to attend Burning Man. However, unscrupulous bandits at the burn steal your car and drive away, with all your Bitcoins in the back seat! With only the backup Bitcoins you kept in your sock, you’re going to have to hike all the […]

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Skirt Quest

Brian and I made this for Molyjam 2013. It is a survival horror game set in 7th grade. To get through the school day without having a nervous breakdown, you must impress your peers by matching their skirt lengths. Watch out for the popular girls because their opinion is very influential!

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Attack Donkey

In my post-GDC fugue state, I for some reason made the decision to immediately attend Daniel Moore’s 1-hour jam. Here is a video game:

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Hot Dachshund

Privileges of being the Frog Fractions guy: I can release this with no context and people will hammer on it forever trying to find nonexistent secrets. OR DO THEY EXIST?

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Frog Infarctions

My 0-hour game this year mostly reuses assets from Frog Fractions. Mostly. Steer with the arrow keys.

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Frog Fractions Press Roundup

Some people like our game you guys! I think that is pretty great. Rock Paper Shotgun: Frog Fractions Might Be The Greatest Game Of All Time Eurogamer: “Free game Frog Fractions might be the most deranged thing you’ll play this year” Kill Screen: Frog Fractions will teach you a thing or two Radiator: Why Frog […]

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Frog Fractions

You can play Frog Fractions now! Also, Frog Fractions has an IGF entry page now! (So does Winter Vacation Story, while I’m at it.) Box quote time! These are all things that people who are not me said about Frog Fractions: “Ever thought it’d be cool to make a game where the content is 90% […]

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Just Murderers: Havana Nights

A challenger appears: the eagle with the knife. Also, a new feature: team play. Also Havana! Also I tweaked everyone’s controls and the pollute-cycle might be a little too powerful now.

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Just Murderers

I took my four-player, one-button murder simulator, rounded it up to five players — one gets the mouse — and added three character classes and a class-selection interface. I didn’t spend much time balancing the classes, but I did ensure that they’re all very effective at murdering. Music by Alan Smithee.

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Heavy Metal Princesses

I built this with a four-man team at the May 5th MADE game jam, in 8 hours. It was a surprise to me, too! I was just going to work on Frog Fractions, until we introduced ourselves and Luther kind of just… took charge of the table. It’s an asymmetrical co-op arena shooter in which […]

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