Is This Frog Fractions 2?

Frog Fractions 2 is out there.

I can’t in good conscience point you to it, because if you don’t know what it is, you’re one of the lucky ones who can still be surprised. Maybe you should ask a friend to surprise you when you least expect it.

You could also just google “Frog Fractions 2” and probably find it pretty quickly.


Zero Hour Jams

I’ve taken part in the 0-hour game jam for five years in a row now, and I’m pretty proud of each year’s results. Here’s a brag listicle!

  • 2011: The Kid and The Kid: Teal Alert, an asymmetrical co-op arena shooter.
  • 2012: Frog Infarctions, a nibbles variant with analog movement and bullet dodging.
  • 2013: Rubbery Racers, a top-down racer with literal “rubber-band” racing AI.
  • 2014: Madden Crusader, in which the word of God directs the Indianapolis Colts to retrieve the holy grail from its resting place in Iran.
  • 2015: Pumpkin Carver Pro, in which you too can carve artistically challenging pumpkins with just the press of a button!

The Mystery of Skull Island

A couple months ago I took part in Teacart 1K. It was a game jam in which all entries share the same save format, so you can save in one game and load in another, and it will reinterpret the game state in a hopefully amusing fashion. The organizers put together a pack containing every game with a Windows build, so you can check them out together.

My team made a game called “The Mystery of Skull Island.” It is a dating sim in which you play a UN-functionary trying to seduce a Bond villain. It’s pretty good! If you don’t want to grab the whole pack, you can grab my game a la carte instead.

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Here’s something I worked on a while ago but never bothered to write about here until now.

Gunhouse a puzzle orphan rescuer for the Vita and Windows Phone (more platforms coming eventually).

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Indie Games for Good Marathon 2014

I’ll be taking part in the Indie Games for Good marathon this weekend. It’s a livestreamed indie game marathon for charity.

I’ll be onstream sporadically throughout the event, but notably there is specifically the “Frog Fractions 2 hour” at 10pm Saturday, and at 11pm they’ll be hosting a 3-hour game jam that viewers can participate in.

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Me Playing Weird Games

Hey guys. So I did this livestream thing over Twitch for the FF2 Kickstarter, where I played a bunch of strange or surprising games. I just went and broke that down into the individual games, so if you want to watch me play a weird game maybe you’ll find it on the following list:
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Frog Fractions 2 is funded!

Hey you guys. I’m excited to be making this game.


Kickstarter Simulator 2015

We’ve had so much fun running the Frog Fractions 2 Kickstarter that we made an autobiographical game about running Kickstarters!

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Frog Fractions 2

Hey, I guess I should post about this. The Frog Fractions 2 Kickstarter now exists, and it’s doing pretty okay! If Frog Fractions 2 is the sort of thing you’d like to see you can go help!

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Rubbery Racers

I made Rubbery Racers for 2013’s 0-hour game jam. Rubbery Racers is a game that explores the ramifications of rubber band racing AI.

Play Rubbery Racers!

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