Desert Hike EX

You and your coworkers just finished your IPO! Rolling in cash, you decide to attend Burning Man. However, unscrupulous bandits at the burn steal your car and drive away, with all your Bitcoins in the back seat! With only the backup Bitcoins you kept in your sock, you’re going to have to hike all the way back to San Francisco.

Play Desert Hike EX!

Five bros hiking across the Playa

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A Letter

I got an email last week that is my favorite piece of Frog-related fan mail. Other Frog-related fans, it’s time to step up your game!

I asked for permission to reproduce it here:

From: Nirojan
Subject: Frogs

Your game Frog Fractions was pretty cool, but you probably already know that. I enjoyed it.

Then I was looking through your games and saw you make Frog Infarctions. My interest was piqued. I posted it on reddit. ( You probably know what reddit is. Many people were disappointed. They said Frog Infarctions was a bad sequel. I tried to tell them it wasn’t a sequel, and that it was made in 0 hours, but they wouldn’t listen. Nevertheless, my post got 65 upvotes and got somewhere high on the front page of /r/WebGames.

Then, a few days later, I showed my friend Frog Fractions. He didn’t really like it, and he got so bored he quit before he even got to the frog porn part. However, after I showed him Frog Infarctions, he was in love. We took turns to see who got the best score. At first, we would only get 10 or 15. I saw someone on reddit say they got 59. That must have been a lie. Nobody can get that high of a score. We kept playing. We played every day. I would come over, we would play Frog Infarctions, and then I left. Slowly, our scores got better. First we would get the odd score of 25 or so. Then we’d easily get into the 30s. These days getting 40 isn’t too unheard of. The best score I’ve ever gotten is 62. I didn’t think it would happen, but it did. I have proof too.

Never have I gotten a better score than 62 in Frog Infarctions. I hope that if I train hard enough, I can join the Frog Infarctions WorldWide Championships and get a score of over 100.

I don’t really know why I told you this. But I like Frog Infarctions. Bye.


Skirt Quest Time-Lapse

Brian posted a time-lapse video of our respective desktops over the course of the development of Skirt Quest. For some reason his is more fun to look at!

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Skirt Quest

Brian and I made this for Molyjam 2013. It is a survival horror game set in 7th grade. To get through the school day without having a nervous breakdown, you must impress your peers by matching their skirt lengths. Watch out for the popular girls because their opinion is very influential!

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Twinbeard Hotline

If you get stuck in any Twinbeard games, leave a message on the hotline for assistance, at (469) BEA-RDS4! That’s (469) 232-7374. Ask your parents for permission before you call.

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Winter Vacation Story

Winter Vacation Story is a co-op survival game for PC, set in the Alaskan wilderness. It is the result of a game jam I took part in in the Unknown Worlds offices, over a year ago, and is finally released now!

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Bass Jumper

Bass Jumper is a four-player rhythm game I made (as part of a fairly large team) for Whammy Jammy. I never bothered writing about it here because you can’t play it; it’s an installation piece, requiring a projection screen and a bunch of Arduinos and motion sensors. But we’ve just submitted it to IndieCade, a side effect of which is that we now have a pretty neat video showing it off. So you can go look at that!

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Attack Donkey

In my post-GDC fugue state, I for some reason made the decision to immediately attend Daniel Moore’s 1-hour jam. Here is a video game:
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The Yelling Game

Last weekend I attended a jam hosted at Sifteo, who make a gaming platform consisting of swarms of tiny screens. Sort of.

I made a multiplayer game about building a shared language, called “The Yelling Game.” Here’s a video of people playing it.

It ended up winning I forget what the prize was called, but me and Adam Rickert, the artist, both went home with three-cube Sifteo sets.

This is probably going to help nobody, but if you want to play it and you know what to do with an ELF, here’s an ELF. Enjoy!

Overall I was quite impressed with Sifteo as a platform. The specs are shockingly restrictive by modern game developer standards, but the SDK is very slick as embedded systems development goes. Daniel Plemmons, the guy who ran the jam, told me that part of his job description is to run a jam like that every two months. I’m probably going to make a habit of attending, because this was a lot of fun.

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2012 Indie Picks

As part of their top 12 indie games of 2012 piece, asked me for my own indie picks from this year. I quickly found that I had a lot more to say than they had space for, so here’s the expanded version:
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