Frog Fractions

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Play the game here.


    Brandon Sheffield, 2012-10-24 12:07:19

    the most frogs I ever fractioned. (nearly, at least. I mean let’s be honest here.)

    Ikaruwa, 2012-10-24 12:07:51

    What. I can’t. I don’t. This is amazing. I was incapable of doing anything but stare slack-jawed at my monitor once I got the dragon.

    TomSmizzle, 2012-10-24 12:12:09

    this is BRILLIANT! the upgrades made me laugh so much

    TomSmizzle, 2012-10-24 12:22:59

    (oh my god i had no idea. i have seen the beauty beyond the upgrades.)

    increpare, 2012-10-24 12:54:41


    Johnicholas, 2012-10-24 13:04:58

    These fractions are trickier difficult than I expected; what grade level is this intended for?

    Kenan Alpay, 2012-10-24 13:27:02

    Dang I’m stuck at the wire part…. so random and awesome though!

    danamrich, 2012-10-24 13:50:04

    The tongue is OP

    Andrew, 2012-10-24 14:20:44

    Gosh, incredibly hard game. I managed to get past the wire, but now I’m lost.

    Kyle, 2012-10-24 14:25:05

    That was awesome. Hard but super entertaining and got a chance to finish it.

    Tam Toucan, 2012-10-24 14:38:02

    Absolutely brilliant. Had to give up during the text adventure, too many painful memories about Thorin and barrels.

    Kenan Alpay, 2012-10-24 14:45:44

    I finished it. Wow, crazy stuff!

    Heewa, 2012-10-24 15:19:27

    Awesome! Loved it all the way through to the end. Shockingly good.

    EdibleToaster, 2012-10-24 15:55:04

    I… Think I’m in love with this game

    Jonathan Herbst, 2012-10-24 16:29:11

    Seriously, one of the best games I’ve played. Really shares my love of the insane, brilliant, random and ridiculous all at the same time. Props to you good sir.

    Pacifist Games, 2012-10-24 17:09:20

    I don’t know what I just played, but I liked it!

    Paul Andrew Mcgee, 2012-10-24 17:10:19

    This is joy.

    Porpentine, 2012-10-24 17:39:15

    i finally beat this beautiful game but at what cost…*trails off*

    Ben McGraw, 2012-10-24 18:01:41

    What a horrible dream!

    Mike Kasprzak, 2012-10-24 18:06:10

    I won the soundboard!

    Colin, 2012-10-24 18:30:45

    I see someone finally answered the question “What would an educational game made by David Lynch look like?”

    Micah Jones, 2012-10-24 19:14:03

    Epic adventure!

    Thanks for making the funniest game I’ve ever played.

    Pleion, 2012-10-24 19:14:58

    Oh god bugs everywhere!

    OneSilverBullet, 2012-10-24 19:30:44

    Win upon win upon win. Wonderful use of simple audio to carry the underwater section. Wow!

    Adam Eberbach, 2012-10-24 19:49:05

    I bet you didn’t find the final secret.

    Behemoth, 2012-10-24 22:21:17

    This is amazing :O

    Mike Leisz, 2012-10-24 22:39:49

    this is a fucking masterpiece

    Radish, 2012-10-24 22:44:15

    I honestly was sad that it didn’t go on forever. I just couldn’t ever imagine this game having a credits screen, but then I did. That was the biggest twist in any game I’ve ever played!

    Voxel, 2012-10-24 22:48:27

    Loved it but found it a bit buggy… hurr hurr

    Linkshot, 2012-10-24 22:53:27

    “Like a billion” lost it, hahahaha

    Beautiful..., 2012-10-24 23:13:33

    It’s beautiful…

    Noah, 2012-10-24 23:15:27

    truly the edugame wevie stonder

    enjoy your seamus mcnally

    BNeutral, 2012-10-24 23:17:06

    Game of the year!

    Ted DiNola, 2012-10-25 00:02:36

    Wow. Played it through all the way, loving every minute. The DDR section was a beast!

    cody, 2012-10-25 00:41:34

    holy shit that was amazing

    Massah, 2012-10-25 01:14:58

    Too… much… epicness!!

    JFTActual, 2012-10-25 01:42:35

    Just finished producing some bug porn. Thanks.

    Marcus, 2012-10-25 02:00:19

    What the hell am I supposed to do at the text based part? I’m lost looking at a wire and holding a can.

    Ben, 2012-10-25 02:04:11

    Oh my – today I learnt many many things. That was some hot porn at the end. More of that please.

    Django, 2012-10-25 02:10:55

    Simply amazing. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen more sense made of less sense.

    inkwell, 2012-10-25 02:12:57

    holy moly this is the best game ever. i learned so much! 49 / 2.7e-3 stars

    bender, 2012-10-25 02:33:50

    GOTY 2012!

    Uberman, 2012-10-25 02:36:21

    I don’t get what all the positive comments are about. It’s almost as though the programmer didn’t have a clear vision of what game they were trying to make. In terms of ‘edutainment’ it does a good job of introducing the idea of fractions for kids, but I’m not sure they’ll enjoy the gameplay enough for this information to really sink in. And why include typing, unless it is somehow connected to fractions or mathematics ? Perhaps the words could be things like ‘fraction’ or ‘surd’.

    I give it only 6/10. That’s a score out of ten by the way, not six tenths ! That would be funny though, seeing as though this is a game about fractions. Ha !

    Mike, 2012-10-25 02:50:08

    Aced the DDR section, too easy. All that hardstyle fraction work I’m blasting through and you think some DDR is going to throw off my grind?

    Good try.

    Jeff, 2012-10-25 03:03:26

    I’m not getting it at all. What is this game supposed to teach me? I’m just Shooting around killing bugs and for seemingly no aparent reasons fractions pop up when bugs die. What’s the point?????

    AHoodedFigure, 2012-10-25 03:32:41

    More epic feeling than a AAA game for half the price. I learned!

    Replay value with the text responses too… at least as far as the excuses are concerned.

    Damned funny, thank you.

    Nenad, 2012-10-25 03:34:09

    Dafuq did I just play? XD

    mara, 2012-10-25 04:04:20

    Just played this for the first time, kinda pissed off the game ended when trying to go under water in the presidential swimming pool. :( Play time 57 minutes.

    DeVadder, 2012-10-25 04:50:00

    Ha, those bugs wont bugger us anymore, the fruits are save. The bugs are too busy now, all hail the president.
    What an awesome game!!

    steve, from the internet, 2012-10-25 04:53:29

    Thank you for making this, I loved it.

    brulleks, 2012-10-25 05:07:46

    Uberman, I hope that was a (failed) attempt at irony.

    I feel absorbed by a comforting madness having made my way through this. I was supposed to be doing serious writing. Now my mind can’t do serious anything.

    A Horde of Evil Hipsters, 2012-10-25 05:11:33

    Well, that was something different. And only one comment about how this is a bad edutainment game and doesn’t teach kids anything? Could it be – gasp – that most people actually played the game before commenting?

    Wintermute, 2012-10-25 05:16:23

    that was a trip – loved the references, now where’s the sequel? The bug economy sure must have crashed by now

    FCKundo, 2012-10-25 06:28:50

    This game was so awesome!
    This is one of the best games i played all year (im not joking)
    HOTLINE MIAMI,RETRO CITY RAMPAGE and FROG FRACTIONS are the most original and fun games in years
    This was a FUCK GRAPHICS year

    razzydk, 2012-10-25 06:35:04

    Oh man that game was so awesome! I had a blast! Had to tell my girlfriend to stop making out with me so I could focus!

    Sinfold, 2012-10-25 07:44:32

    Game of the year?

    badxmaru, 2012-10-25 07:55:37

    this game is insane – when it hit bullet shooter i lost my coffee all over

    Tei, 2012-10-25 07:56:10

    I am stuck at the text game :P

    Pizza, 2012-10-25 08:12:24

    I wish I was a frog with fraction solving abilities and has a dragon for a friend.

    jeff_maj, 2012-10-25 08:22:03

    It’s great! I have never played such a wonderful game.
    But why I have to sell bug porn?hemm…

    ho_flung_pu, 2012-10-25 08:25:05

    Game of the year, all years.

    xxx420xxxCODxxxSNIPERxxx, 2012-10-25 08:26:50








    Mantlion, 2012-10-25 09:15:47

    That was so goddamn good, enjoyed the bug porn in the credits.

    CallMeVlad, 2012-10-25 09:26:00

    Very fun parody game. Is it actually possible to get the presents that drop? They always seem to be just far enough away that I can’t get to them fast enough.
    Slowly the keyboard section fills up after typing games-hopefully when it’s full I’ll get fruit multipliers (10 THOUSAND for warp drive seems a bit much)

    Mind_equals_blown, 2012-10-25 09:31:22

    what just happened?

    Oh no!, 2012-10-25 09:57:38

    I came for the fractions, but stayed for the bug porn.

    And then came for the bug porn.

    Mike Litoris, 2012-10-25 10:07:54

    This game cured my Aids!

    (…and gave me a bug fetish)

    HUE, 2012-10-25 10:11:18


    Steve / My Immortal, 2012-10-25 10:13:30


    John Evans, 2012-10-25 10:20:32

    Too bad there are no instructions to let me know what I should do, I was kind of looking forward to playing!

    Failoan, 2012-10-25 10:28:22

    One the weirdest fraction games out I’ve played

    AND I LOVE IT! Especially the silence music track, just pure awesomeness

    Bugpron, 2012-10-25 10:30:40

    dat bug porn

    SPTX, 2012-10-25 10:35:23

    Jokes on you, twinbeard. I only used integers.

    Nintyuk, 2012-10-25 11:18:21

    If you wish to keep your sanity intact Do not dive in the water with the dragon, doing so will mean you can get the warp drive. And then the Insanity just Rockets up to 9.

    RPK, 2012-10-25 11:30:38

    Of all the things I was not expecting, I was most not expecting Lemonade Stand. Bravo, bravo. Truly a tour de force of nostalgia and awesomeness.

    Rob, 2012-10-25 11:30:53

    Spathi, huh? I already loved this incredibly educational game, but that reference sealed the deal. 11/10, would play again.

    Jim Rustle, 2012-10-25 11:43:38

    Game of the year, all years.

    god, 2012-10-25 11:46:37

    I can’t fap to this

    tony, 2012-10-25 12:25:00

    thank you! hahah! This was fun! I didnt learn a damn thing about fractions but awesome to kill bugs with words!!!

    Reclaimer, 2012-10-25 12:25:16

    10/10 azum xD

    soundofsatellites, 2012-10-25 13:00:08


    Bilbo Baggins, 2012-10-25 13:13:02

    Brilliant, Amazing

    Beachfox, 2012-10-25 13:13:55

    Oh god, Lemonade Stand! The music… The flashbacks… I love it!

    Dildo Munch, 2012-10-25 13:15:48

    That was great.

    Be-Rad, 2012-10-25 13:38:02

    Lock on is teh best

    Bimble, 2012-10-25 14:07:53

    I think this is as close as we’ll ever get to the game Ender played on his desk.

    Pete, 2012-10-25 15:02:28

    Brilliant. Absolutely incredible at every turn. (And I’ve never had a smoother IF experience!)

    Zotmeister, 2012-10-25 15:25:10

    Genius. Absolute, unadulterated genius. What a delightfully schizophrenic game this is. …But – music? voices?! a soundboard?!? You mean I’m going to have to play through all this again when I’m NOT at work?!

    Thesp, 2012-10-25 16:05:52

    This game, is oddly awesome… tho i cant quite put my finger on it!
    Its a Action-exploration-Text based-RPG,business-Porn simulation game that will never be beaten…. ever!!!!

    Dan, 2012-10-25 16:39:56

    thank god i finally learned those fractions

    Zan, 2012-10-25 18:45:37

    Needs more non sequiturs. Seriously though, great job. Some good laughs, a few tricky parts and overall fun to figure out.

    Autonymous, 2012-10-25 19:41:38

    I only made it 319/75e10ths of the way through the game

    r6, 2012-10-25 19:46:38

    Oh, no

    Happy Fish, 2012-10-25 20:22:09

    It’s about time people knew about the glorious work of Andre Phillipe and his son Andre Phillipe Phillipe.

    AnAnonymousPatron, 2012-10-25 21:30:45

    This game is a work of art. I have never been better at fractions; highly recommend it to all educational institutions.

    A friend, 2012-10-25 21:37:12

    How I pass the first level

    radiovalkyrie, 2012-10-25 21:37:22

    Thanks, you’ve made all other games obsolete.

    Emipon, 2012-10-25 22:56:56

    The music, sounds, and voices at the end are awesome!

    Butts, 2012-10-25 23:00:00

    Jarol, 2012-10-26 00:22:01

    Finally beat it. Fucking hell this is the best flash game of all time.

    James, 2012-10-26 01:39:28

    I don’t think anyone need make another game, ever.

    daleMO, 2012-10-26 02:08:49

    I really liked the rite of spring midi during the economy simulator, nice touch

    Stevo, 2012-10-26 02:42:38

    one of the most epic games evar!

    Rubbish Russ, 2012-10-26 03:55:17

    Awesome. not a protractor-ed experience at all.

    God I love maths jokes.

    Fay Fay Parfay, 2012-10-26 04:06:49

    Absolute Genius, all of it.

    r13, 2012-10-26 04:49:31

    This is why we have videogames.

    _3NO, 2012-10-26 06:34:17

    Holy hell man, this is ridiculous!

    Rodrigo, 2012-10-26 06:44:44

    Try play Swamp Adventure for FREE on Android or iOS.

    KingDavid73, 2012-10-26 07:48:37

    this was incredible

    MoHSalim, 2012-10-26 07:53:52

    This is amazing. Definitely needs more attention.

    Varden, 2012-10-26 08:58:45

    Damn you, i had young Mosquitoes in the room with me when the end credits played… i feel dirty

    Last_E, 2012-10-26 10:49:36

    Wow, that was the most fun I’ve had in a while. Seriously was confused as to why my friends wanted me to play this, but it just got better and better. SO random, but so good. I hope to see more stuff like this!

    Costanza, 2012-10-26 11:58:56

    I give it 10/10.

    Seems like I should know what that fraction equals, but presidential frogs have really short memories.

    Rob Williams, 2012-10-26 12:08:10

    Truly unique and amazing game :D and when you get to steer the Titanic around the Iceberg… well that took my breath away!

    Adam Rippon, 2012-10-26 13:23:07

    It took perseverance and strength of character, but I have defeated the fractions using my frog! 3 cheers for text-based sections – I especially liked the second one. 100 megakudos to you, sir!

    Matthew VanDevander, 2012-10-26 15:36:49

    I just wanna say thank you, for giving me the BEST DAY OF MY LIEEFEEE!!!

    Seriously, this game is bonkers. I have learned many things about fractions that I am not sure I wanted to know.

    Clawbsy, 2012-10-26 16:04:16

    I have no idea what I just played, but it was delightfully absurd. Good show, old chap!

    Bugaboo, 2012-10-26 16:10:40

    A saucy romp through the world of fractions and their application in the modern banking system.

    Ryuchitoran, 2012-10-26 17:32:05

    + like a billion thumbs up for the Star Control reference!

    starbrother, 2012-10-26 18:36:18

    I’m at the soundboard…but this can’t be it…

    Mothy, 2012-10-26 18:39:21

    I was taken back to the golden age of video games, where sense and realism took a backseat to style and fun. Excellent game, I hope you make a bug porn’s worth of Zorkmids in donations. Thanks to this game, I now know fractions and spelling more better.

    mikhail, 2012-10-26 18:56:22

    I’ve been in that presidential pool! It’s in CA.

    Nicolas St-Pierre, 2012-10-26 19:28:42

    Draggy approves! EAHAHEhAehhEAE

    Derek, 2012-10-26 20:38:51

    Very clever! Every stage iterates on the challenge, and it’s fun using the new tools as they come. Great Work!

    Tom 7, 2012-10-26 21:00:58

    What a nice surprise!

    I loved it. More like this.

    C4Turtle, 2012-10-26 22:58:11

    Holy Crap! That was amazing!

    syk0saje, 2012-10-26 23:27:17

    “Eyes Open”

    i c wut u did tharr.

    mad props, good sir.

    Jack, 2012-10-27 02:06:48

    is this real life?

    tk, 2012-10-27 03:49:40

    bahahaha! brilliant! loved every second of it :) you have such an incredible brain well done. loved the photos in the credits, giggidy giggidy

    Andy, 2012-10-27 08:05:41

    Incredible. The craziest game of all time, and I’ve played Bishi Bashi

    ineffablebob, 2012-10-27 08:19:14

    So much bug porn. Time to bugsturbate.

    I’m so proud of myself for figuring out that damn wire without asking anyone. Time to go find more text adventures.

    Marco, 2012-10-27 10:41:54

    Incredible game! Refreshing and fun in all the right places :)

    Thanks, and make more please.

    Rob, 2012-10-27 15:34:52

    Mind = Blown.

    hurf, 2012-10-27 22:03:47

    this is like a porn game in that it’s pretty poor as a game but people stay anyway (and even heap on praise) because of the non-game value

    Spyder Z, 2012-10-27 22:12:53

    I… I just don’t know. I mean, it was hard at the 1/2way or maybe it was the 2/3way point. (Remember that was more than the control panel there when the paper was removed) I do now have a greater appreciation for boxing… but no real insight on fractions. So I guess they failed? ;P

    Duke of the Bump, 2012-10-27 23:30:32

    Good game, kind of hard though. Can’t make it past Wave 1

    John Passfield, 2012-10-28 00:19:45

    Great stuff! Was the boxing history lesson a comment on modern gaming? :-)

    Duke of the Bump, 2012-10-28 00:25:51

    OK never mind, this game’s really awesome.

    Jim Smith 3rd Grade, 2012-10-28 01:01:10

    The fractions were a bit too hard, but I liked the game a lot that it kept me playing!

    I feel really smart now!

    Sent from my teacher at

    Comrade Tiki, 2012-10-28 01:54:30

    WAKE UP!

    How long? Not long,
    ’cause what you reap
    is what you sow!

    Hearing-impaired mode, 2012-10-28 03:24:24

    As conceived in 1632 by Portuguese printing press operator Andre Filipe, boxing was a gentlemen’s game in which two men would square off and regale each other with stories monotonous for days on end until one of them fell to the ground from boredom or exhaustion. Over the next few years, the new sport developed a respectable following of a few hundred local socialites.

    It was Filipe’s son, Andre Filipe Filipe, who developed what he called “the punching strategy” in 1637 after seeing a schoolboy strike another in anger, causing him to fall down.

    When Andre Filipe Filipe challenged the then-champion, British ex-patriate “Sleepless” Bill Bishop to a match, Bishop was the odds-on favourite. You can imagine his surprise when while he was describing what he had had for breakfast that morning, Andre walked up and thumped him in the neck, sending him down “for the count” in the parlance of our time.

    While it was universally agreed that the boy had violated the spirit of the game, officials were unable to find any actual rule that punching violated, and were forced to let the victory stand.

    This upset caused an uproar in the boxing community large enough to spill over into local newspapers, and stirred the interest of many outsiders to come see what the fuss was about. The newcomers were enthralled to engage in these borderline barbaric displays of human strength and skill, and the rest is history – after a few spoilsport schoolmoms single-minded about safety added the padded gloves, of course.

    Today’s boxing enthusiasts fantasise about the newcomer that would rock the ring the way Filipe did.

    Classification of the modern ruleset has essentially locked the punching strategy into place; but it’s easy to get caught up in the fantasy. Young scholars with big dreams often enter the ring with their crazy new trick, usually a variant of hypnosis. And though they’ve achieved the occasional victory, none of the gimmicks have been robust enough to make it to the big-time.

    The real wonder, though, is that Andre Filipe’s original vision of boxing is still around. Gentlemen’s boxing clubs can be found in cities all over the world; you can visit one most any day of the week and see two erudite gentlemen exchanging pleasantries in the ring.

    Most people only come to watch a few hours of a match, and then leave. But every once in a while you’ll find amongst your elders a stout fellow, a die-hard fan, who perhaps witnessed that historic battle between Filipe and Bishop, who for love of the sport must stay to witness the last glorious seconds of wakefulness slip away, only to return to fight again another day.

    Sketcz, 2012-10-28 04:48:51

    I first started this, spent 5 minutes, got to a lame typing tutor and quit, because it was crap.

    But someone I know said I must stick with it, because it’s “totally your kind of game”. I thought, hmmm. I like weird stuff. I like fringe ideas. I always give a game time to charm me.

    So I stoically manned up, went back to it, and forced myself to repeatedly stick with it, despite getting a few Game Overs, and repeatedly wanting to quit.

    I have just wasted 37 minutes of my life playing the worst Missile Command clone ever made, meets lame bullet hell shmup. Because that’s what this is. Missile Command with a frog and bugs and some bullets. With a really crap typing tutor overlaid onto it.

    I clicked random areas of the screen. Was the idol the trick? Did I have to click his eyes? Maybe I needed to try clicking on items to buy which it said I couldn’t buy yet? Warp Speed was unlocked, but click as I might it still said I couldn’t afford it.

    Based on the comments here, I’m clearly missing some kind of cool hip joke that everyone else is in on. I hate nonsense like this – because until I get “the joke” or work it out, it’s like I’m the odd man out. Am I supposed to force myself through that excruciatingly dull lock/not lock on series of jokes? I nearly filled the entire screen with those, but after 37 minutes I’m calling it quits.

    This is bad game design. What strange bizarre crazy stuff am I supposed to be seeing? I’m going to check Youtube, maybe someone has gone through the hassle for me.

    I don’t know the joke. I never found it out. I skimmed the comments and didn’t find anyone giving me the key to understand the joke. All I see are people saying “it’s brilliant” – and “Fractions!” – and other inane comments.

    I don’t get it – for me, this game is awful.

    Do you guys keep site statistics for how long people stick with this and where they quit? Because I think that would be very revealing.


    rukko, 2012-10-28 07:21:56

    Sketcz dude, there is more to this game than frogs and fractions. Try using the arrow sticks.

    dougieb, 2012-10-28 08:42:18

    Woahwoahwoah… i just wanted to brush up on my math and ended up getting my mind blown..

    Harley, 2012-10-28 09:30:19

    Best game ever. Played the whole thing, loved the last pool :p Lol at Sketcz

    Matt, 2012-10-28 14:54:30

    The censored bug porn at the end was worth the wait.

    Patrick Cassin, 2012-10-28 16:30:02

    Pixel Related did a reviewed your game. It did well.
    “Final Score: Like a Billion”

    john, 2012-10-28 16:30:58

    bah! got stuck on the wire.

    The Married Gamers, 2012-10-28 16:32:14

    The Married Gamers did a news piece on it too!

    Hint, 2012-10-28 20:03:40

    If you get stuck at the wire “take the note”

    Bill, 2012-10-28 20:19:54

    Sketcz, you don’t play many games do you? You can go from the start of the game to having enough to buy the warp drive in a minute. Like, literally a single minute. You played for 37 minutes, clicked everywhere on the screen, bought a bunch of superfluous upgrades, yet never once thought to try moving your character to the edges of the screen? And then you complain the game is too cryptic when all it asks of you is that you TRY OUT YOUR NEW ABILITIES TO SEE THEIR LIMITATIONS?

    You need to just stop. Stop everything, immediately and forever. People like you are the reason so many games lead players by the hand and bore them to goddamn death. It’s like unless a map to the objective is tattooed on your scrotum then the game is just too difficult to figure out.

    On second thought, don’t stop everything, just stop playing games. If you ever feel like gaming, go to YouTube and watch videos for the game instead. If you have trouble with that, you need to click in the search box, type in the name of the game you want to watch, and then hit enter. Then you’ll get a list of videos, and you need to choose one by clicking on it. Afterwards, the video should start playing automatically. If it doesn’t, click on the play button; it looks like a sideways triangle, sorta like this: |> If that doesn’t work out for you, just e-mail YouTube and tell them that they’re terrible at designing webpages.

    Jim, 2012-10-28 20:24:01

    Hey guys, be nice. The secret of how to advance is non-obvious by design. If everyone discovered it, it wouldn’t be a secret, would it?

    amanda, 2012-10-28 21:36:20

    please come to pax east!! i would love to meet you.
    I find too often now in video games that the spirit and creativity of the game is lost in just trying to make something that looks good and gives an adrenaline rush. This does just the opposite of that!

    Aescula, 2012-10-29 02:34:29


    Didn’t stop me from winning, though.

    Jon "Bad Wasabi" Wood, 2012-10-29 06:37:40

    I’m not sure which wire to cut to defuse the bomb.

    Samuel, 2012-10-29 14:21:27

    Bill, there’s no need to be such a huge asshole about it. I was stuck in much the same way Sketcz was, because I did not realize that the dragon gave me the ability to go up and down, I thought it was just a visual upgrade. Only upon scrolling down to these comments and reading about the “underwater section” did I even think to hit the up or down buttons.

    Billy, 2012-10-29 14:24:45

    So how do I get passed the Command Module

    Esom, 2012-10-30 05:05:30

    Bill, disregard Samuel.
    Sketcz, WASD includes W and S for a reason. Use them.
    Twinbeard Studios, “like a billion” is the new “like a billion.”

    Patrick, 2012-10-30 10:54:45

    As Jim mentioned, the point is that it isn’t obvious. It’s the subversion of expectations that makes it interesting.

    Making fun of and insulting people who were confused is unseemly, and I’d venture to say runs counter to the whole enterprise.

    ARMed_PIrate, 2012-10-30 15:59:44

    Actually, in addition to the non-obviousness, there is legitimate usability issue. I think the WASD is clue enough, and I found the underwater section, no problem. But I assumed that the pile of fruit belonged to me, i.e., I thought it was the actual fruit represented by my fruit-count at the top of the screen.

    I would strongly suggest placing a “Give-a-fruit, take-a-fruit” sign near the pile of fruit, so that it becomes clear that those are _not_ your fruit, and that they are up for grabs. Perhaps add an octopus with a cash register, as well.

    Also, the repeated “Wave: 1” made me wonder if I had found a bug (no pun intended). Perhaps, “Wave: 1 (again)” for subsequent rounds would make its intentionality clear? (I understand if this is not desired.)

    Also, my sound cut out during Wave: 1, around the time I maxed out the auto-aim dialogue tree. I played through the rest of the game without sound. I understand there are wonderful voices and music. I may have to buy the soundtrack just to hear them.

    Great game!

    Curt, 2012-10-30 20:12:04

    Jim, just finished it, that was great and full of surprises. The only part that really stumped me was pretty obvious in retrospect. Had plenty of laughs, the music and art were great.

    Algebraist, 2012-10-31 02:44:05

    Waffles would be amazing right about now. Maybe I’ll go hit a hotel lobby at dawn.

    The Cunt, 2012-10-31 04:59:28

    I think I just came in my pants….

    TheMiniChet, 2012-10-31 12:21:15

    I am so amazed… And confused… 10/10 would play again… I think?

    Gigiwoo, 2012-10-31 13:21:53

    Did I just play an instant classic? I think I did… So, this is history in the making. Mega-grats! For our next proposal, we’ll use your game as an example of how to test for flexibility. People that complete it… are.

    Weaselmonkey, 2012-10-31 20:01:27

    I beat it. God help me, I beat it.

    Dink, 2012-11-01 00:26:01

    I learned so many goddamned fractions from this game

    uoɥʇʎd ʎʇuoɯ, 2012-11-01 03:23:16

    Not bad, but I would really appreciate better graphics. If I haven’t read about this game I would have certainly stop at the moment I saw those poorly drawn bugs, fruits and frog. The title screen is very nicely done, so why then continue with such awful graphics later?!? When I saw how “many” hours were spent on making bullets I almost stopped playing. But again I continued because of the hype.

    Music is excellent, sounds can pass, but what I really enjoyed were those bug porn lines (yes, I’m an old pervert), and am wandering why the hell I wasn’t given a chance to listen to them again after finishing the game?!?

    Overall, the part that I liked the most was the text adventure game (yes, I’m an old geek). Other stuff wasn’t bad, but wasn’t very interesting to me either. Game design is a bit Monty Pythonesque, but not enough to make me laugh. Although, even Monty Python doesn’t make me laugh as it did when I was younger, so maybe it’s just me…

    Saxon, 2012-11-01 06:56:31

    What’s the type of these “games”
    called( the part where u type commands)

    Owl, 2012-11-01 23:51:12

    What a great game! I thoroughly enjoyed playing it. The spaceship text-game was definitely my favorite.

    tim bone milkin, 2012-11-02 11:57:06

    I am lost in the underwater tunnel cave system and I can’t get out I went too far and it won’t go back. :(

    Cobryis, 2012-11-02 12:04:06

    I beat it a second time. Inspirational.

    James Farwell, 2012-11-03 01:16:27

    Totally awesome! Bug porn censors are the best!

    bob, 2012-11-03 11:29:39

    …my beard does that. =(

    Lady G, 2012-11-03 11:30:23

    @Saxon: Look up “text based adventure game” to find other games of the same ilk!

    I started on this while the guys behind me on the fancy XBox were trying to kill each other in Call of Duty. We all ended up watching this instead. MY GOD IT’S FULL OF STARS

    Q, 2012-11-04 16:00:01

    Sad it ended, awesome game.

    Christa, 2012-11-04 16:10:52

    I am sorry about your beard

    MisterVec, 2012-11-04 21:48:36

    Integers can be powerful foes, but can also be powerful allies if you’re willing to learn about their complex and subtle culture.

    Mr. Frog, 2012-11-04 23:23:15

    Amazing. Bravo. Spectacular. I stayed up late to finish this, and will always remember it.

    Pancakes, 2012-11-05 09:09:33

    Guys, I am hopelessly stuck at the second secret, please help. I can’t counter ZergFrog’s mutalisk rush, and I’ve tried everything. Please, please help, I just want to finish this game already.

    Monkey, 2012-11-05 12:39:23

    Underwater rocked! Anyone else find the walrus man and his cylon twin?

    DORF ON GORF, 2012-11-05 23:09:18

    So beautiful. Thank you.

    UltimateWalrus, 2012-11-05 23:24:11

    oh my god this game is a freaking masterpiece. 5/5 stars, i laughed my ass off

    TehGema, 2012-11-06 18:03:50

    Flawlessly blends all early genres of games. 100% funnier than any game I’ve ever played. 10/10

    Unclever title, 2012-11-07 20:34:24

    This is sillier and stranger than any other game I’ve ever played.

    And that is saying an awful lot. I mean this game is so ridiculous I’m wondering if I actually did everything that I could in the game.

    I guess becoming Bug President is the end game? I think I unlocked everything except for like ten or so auto targets/unautotargets/reautotargets/unreautotargets etc.

    Reading the comments is almost as entertaining as the game itself.

    This is amazingly ridiculous. And ridiculously entertaing.

    I give it 3/2s of a 75×10^02.

    Please make more games like these.

    I would play the hell out of a Frog Fractions 2&1/2.

    Roger Moorington, 2012-11-07 22:33:34

    MY god the secret cow level had me laughing so hard

    Stephanie, 2012-11-08 18:17:20

    This was the most epic adventure I have ever gone on. Thank you. Just thank you for the joy that you provided me.

    Player #4, 2012-11-08 23:00:36


    That was insane! And I only looked for outside help once.

    What really amuses me is these people who only look at the surface and don’t realize certain limitations just don’t exist.

    I hated those bullets so much.

    congo red, 2012-11-09 00:47:44

    just checking about the fruit. if it falls in the water do i not collect it? if so how do i stop that happening? such an awesome game!!!!!

    Player #5, 2012-11-09 09:36:22

    What is HEPPENING?

    I quit after the Robocop-Cylon-Poseidon Watching TV underwater.

    Mikki Saturn, 2012-11-09 21:26:44

    Great, great game. Just so relentlessly creative. I think I missed some parts too, so maybe I’ll play it again in a bit. It was just awesome.

    effram, 2012-11-09 22:55:17

    OMG why did you censor the bug porn THAT’S THE BEST PART!

    T045T, 2012-11-10 04:16:05

    I have no idea what just happened. But I feel… educated?

    But why, WHY teach the young ones typing DVORAK? Have you no shame?

    Mew, 2012-11-10 09:44:50

    Figures Sketcz would hate this game and not know how to play it. As for me, this game is BRILLIANT, quite possible GOTY!

    anon, 2012-11-10 11:25:55

    this is rubbish

    J!NX, 2012-11-11 05:51:47

    Took me a while but i got to out of spaced! Good effort guys, completed~

    Person, 2012-11-11 14:09:48

    Uberman, you seem to have completely missed the point.

    William Orr, 2012-11-11 20:12:17

    Came here from Instant Fart.

    Brilliant. That was absolutely brilliant. Please make more games.

    PuritanMantis, 2012-11-11 22:45:41

    Ban this sick filth!

    a boy, 2012-11-12 07:24:06

    i am 12 and what is this?

    The Ben, 2012-11-12 07:54:36

    I think the question of whether games can be classified as art has been answered. This is the retro-post modern-adventure-/-arcade-text quest-satire of both politics, porn and bugs version of the Mona Lisa.

    I don’t know how this could evolve into a franchise – once you know the format, then the surprises aren’t surprising anymore – but I will certainly be favouriting twinbeard and playing all your games from now on. I love futilitris also.

    Joe, 2012-11-12 12:30:33

    Enjoyable. Well done.

    MiGz, 2012-11-12 17:26:29

    Of this frog was a real human and had a girlfriend, she would be very happy,.. :P

    BonusWavePilot, 2012-11-13 00:51:22

    That… holy crap that was entertainingly bizarre.

    As for previous poster who quit at TV-watching Robocop-Cylon-Poseidon, wtf? That was the point at which I was completely sold on it.

    Magnificent work.

    Butts, 2012-11-13 23:27:36

    Was that… Was that Rage Against the Machine?

    andrew, 2012-11-15 05:21:35

    I actually had to smoke a cigarette afterwards. impressive wing span!

    lumpycow, 2012-11-16 01:18:03

    I saw it… you have a GRUE on your team…. damn grues… and their gruesday and their love of dark rooms…. finishing this thing is awesome!

    Einstein, 2012-11-16 20:25:12

    I don’t get it. So much praise for a quirky bullet-hell shmup? Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    Fitz, 2012-11-18 07:43:53

    What a trip. Glad that Polygon’s “The Besties” mentioned this on the podcast, because I probably wouldn’t have seen it. Describing even some of the upgrades to friends was hilarious, and playing more of the game was fun.

    Scubasteebe, 2012-11-18 21:17:09

    hahhahaha brilliant! Man I forgot how annoying those text adventures could be! I nearly killed my monitor but I pressed on and enjoyed the end! Bug porn!

    Terry, 2012-11-19 07:00:21

    Now that I’ve finished Frog Fractions, I kind of want to through my Assassin’s Creed into the garbage.

    Keven Denen, 2012-11-19 13:46:54

    Unbelievable. I played it for a few minutes the first time and was like, “WTF!?! This game is dumb.” Then, after listening to an Idle Thumbs cast, I revisited it and I was like, “WTF!?! Where did this awesomeness come from?” Fabulous game.

    Hellron, 2012-11-20 07:29:16

    This. Was. Brilliant.

    Well Done!

    Erwin Bierhof, 2012-11-20 14:13:43

    where can I file a bug report ?

    Robert, 2012-11-22 12:24:22

    If I was in the habbit of making top 5 lists this would be number 1 on my “Games I played in 2012”.

    Holy gypsy spanking that was awesome.

    Fuck the bit with the wire though.

    tree, 2012-11-23 11:36:24


    Sebastian, 2012-11-23 11:44:53

    Amazing to the brink of insanity! I guess if licked a poisonous frog this is what you come up with!
    Insanely amazing and amazingly insane!!


    Daniel, 2012-11-23 12:16:01

    It crashed on the wire section :( I don’t want to go back and play it all again

    Andre, 2012-11-23 12:32:45

    this is so weird!! I am Andre Filipe and I am Portuguese!!! Holy Shit dude i was laughing so hard with this stuff!! refreshing and awesome

    Marcelloz, 2012-11-23 13:02:41

    bizarre game but nicely done :)

    Daniel, 2012-11-23 13:46:58

    Holy fuck, i am a terrible pres.

    Matthew Bolin, 2012-11-23 13:48:16

    I got fired for this. . . worth it

    Garren, 2012-11-23 14:52:39

    I can’t figure out what to do in the spaceship. I tried to enter a new destination but nothing seems to work. Please help.

    Totally not a bug, 2012-11-23 15:31:46

    Awesome!! Sadly, sound was cut sometime during the trial and had to end the game in silence. Must be a bug.

    Zenchai, 2012-11-23 16:31:15

    Brilliant game! I have an urge to go play old Infocom games now thanks to the ship part.

    twero, 2012-11-23 17:20:57

    game of the year indeed
    random, fun

    Eggbert, 2012-11-23 17:24:16

    Everyone keeps talking about how awesome the music was but my music glitched out and stopped working in the first stage. Really made the game lame after that.

    DWells, 2012-11-23 18:37:07

    I can’t believe this.

    Just last night, when we went around the dinner table and expressed what we are most thankful for, I dreaded when it came to my turn. I tried to muster something, anything, that I could express thanks for, but I knew this hole in my soul was so black and crushing I could never fill it and would never feel gratitude again.

    I tried to express this to my family, who all looked uncomfortably at me while I choked back tears of emptiness. When I finally gained the fortitude and courage to speak, I opened my mouth and uttered the only words my soul could muster. They were pure and honest, words that could only come from a soul that has reached the deepest depths, stripped of all guile and without ulterior motive. I felt like another voice was speaking through me. It said:

    “I have no frogs in my life, and I am bad at fractions.”

    At that, I completely broke down. I had finally accepted that which was lacking for so long, that which had left me empty and numb. It was a cathartic moment that I had been seeking for…longer than I can remember.

    I suddenly felt something, a feeling I had not felt in a very long time. It was like a tiny match was lit in the darkest expanse of empty space.

    It was hope.

    I thought at first it was vain, even foolish to allow such a fragile emotion take and hold sway in my heart and mind, but I couldn’t help it. I began to imagine, then truly believe that somewhere, in some way, I would find that which I had been lacking: Frogs, and a system for improving my comprehension of fractions.

    And then tonight, I logged on to Facebook, and I saw this. You, Twinbeard, are my Mercury, the winged messenger of the Gods come to bring me the message I had so long awaited:

    Your salvation is nigh. Come, and partake of frogs and fractions, without money and without price.

    This day, I am made whole, and I am thankful.

    Amarquez, 2012-11-23 22:13:02

    Is it bad if I masturbated to the credits?

    Albatross, 2012-11-23 22:33:22

    The developer should be ashamed of releasing a game with as many “bugs” as this one has! Get it? “Bugs”! I’ll go now.

    van hellthing, 2012-11-24 06:38:35

    nice matrix nod

    Prit, 2012-11-24 12:15:01

    Best flash game ever.

    killmarkings, 2012-11-24 14:53:06

    hella kewl game main.

    Pikos, 2012-11-24 14:59:45

    I fear for myself and for my sanity…
    I am not going to make it through…
    My mind has been looping for ages…
    Weed is bad…m’kay…

    Oisin Conolly, 2012-11-24 17:02:31

    My Life has been changed…never again will I look at frogs the same. instead I will see them as the maths genius’ they truly are!!!

    Mack, 2012-11-24 23:57:05

    Phenomenal game, took about 20 minutes start to end, nice and streamlined, very professional, but with a real sense of personality and wtf-ism. Felt like the presidency at the end had me in perpetual crisis… but oh well, PRINT MOAR MUNNY!

    Eric, 2012-11-25 05:16:54

    Kinda predictable, but good controls. Thanks.

    Nate, 2012-11-25 09:39:34

    Liked the game and just wanted to let you know I noticed the joke on the album cover art. <3

    Edd, 2012-11-25 13:40:10


    JAred, 2012-11-25 19:34:33

    What do I do with the wire….? I got the zorkmids or w/e and the out of order note, but I don’t know what to do… damn

    Mike, 2012-11-25 20:12:53

    Mathmatically sound, amphibiously bound, and straight up nuts.

    JoshBluey, 2012-11-25 23:59:44

    lol RATM-wake up, good choice for the credits, made an awesome game finish on awesome terms

    Bob Froggins, 2012-11-27 14:32:17

    lol @ all the morons who are seriously critiquing this.

    Kevin, 2012-11-27 19:54:56

    My favorite part was the DDR. XD I lol’ed so hard after I finished it and the presidential credits kicked in…

    I hate porn and think it’s stupid, though, so I wish that hadn’t been in there. Awesome game otherwise.

    Frogo Hoppins, 2012-11-27 21:13:42

    So many deep meanings in this game. Like how the flies symbolize life and the frog symbolizes Neil DeGrasse Tyson trying to fight off all the Mayans from ending the world in 2012. Beautiful, really. Really insightful.

    Demonsoul1986, 2012-11-27 22:43:45


    denx, 2012-11-28 16:38:34

    I hate the text adventure part WITH ALL OF MY BEING. But apart from that, HOLY CRAP THIS IS GOOD.

    orz, 2012-11-29 14:59:39

    Wow. Just wow.

    BTW, fans of this might also be interested in Eversion. It’s much darker (less comedy, more horror) but has the same basic theme – mindfuck:
    (free, but not a browser game – you have to download it)

    Rahil Patel, 2012-12-01 04:48:46

    This was an incredible experience.

    I’m only afraid that if I weren’t sick and patient to play, I would have missed 90% of the game. I wish there were some less subtle foreshadowing in the beginning to convey that there was more to it. Or maybe there was enough, which is why I kept playing. I dunno. I haven’t played through a game for some time, but I’m glad it was this.


    GMW, 2012-12-01 12:24:32

    Stumbled across this completely by chance. I think I had a heart attack when I saw McGrue in the credits, though.

    Snej, 2012-12-02 01:47:17

    I took a queue from the Zimbabwean flag fluttering in the background, and just got the federal reserve to print off enough money to finish the game. Is that cheating? Probably, but it made me chuckle anyway. (Also, I’m from Zimbabwe)

    Amazing game from start to finish.

    Bonabopn, 2012-12-03 05:37:32

    “There are phone booths in space.” Well, i never!

    bunisher, 2012-12-04 13:47:19 the year…maybe even decade.

    i made pretty good money with bugporn,but simply printing gazillions of money was just too tempting!

    Bev, 2012-12-05 02:40:38

    What the hell did I just play? That was magical. I look forward to more business sims from you!

    Tomas, 2012-12-05 07:10:04

    So worth it! :) Got stuck at the wire part for a while but damn, it was so worth it! :)

    Simon, 2012-12-05 21:01:49

    this is not fractions!

    Peter, 2012-12-06 06:03:29

    If there ever was a slow clap moment it would be after finishing this game.

    NightStarX, 2012-12-06 11:51:06

    My favorite part about this game, aside from it’s astounding brilliance from the beginning up to it’s bizarre twists and turns that border on sheer artistic triumph and gut-bustingly hilarious surrealism and laser-sharp satire when the game truly opens up….

    ….is how it naturally separates the intelligent people with an actual attention span who play this well enough to figure out where it truly becomes a stroke of genius and one of the greatest meta-experiences ever put together, from the complete and utter morons who don’t get it, don’t play it long enough to see what it really is, hide behind their pathetic shield of personal inadequacy, completely miss out on something truly wonderful and type their arrogant, blithering stupidity in the comments as if they have anything else to blame but themselves for being too stupid to get past the first screen.

    Frog Fractions, by it’s design, separates the the intelligent from the dirt stupid. Like Sketcz and his hilariously idiotic comment.

    This game is probably the most effective IQ test ever presented to the internet. Show this game to anyone. If they can’t get past the first part before giving up, like Sketcz, they’re too stupid to live. If they were actually able to play this game correctly, buy them a pizza. They deserve it.

    Phelipe Vidal, 2012-12-06 12:29:39

    No joke, when I heard my name I crapped my pants for no other reason than the fact that I don’t hear it anywhere lol.

    cthulhu_rlyeh, 2012-12-06 19:36:35

    This is an amazing little game (^.^)However, I am most certain that the command module in the space ship is some sort of puzzle…I can’t get my head around it…

    uinku, 2012-12-06 20:02:20

    Mistrial! Where do I file my papers for an appeal?

    cthulhu_rlyeh, 2012-12-06 20:07:37

    Ah! I see now (^.^)

    Butts, 2012-12-07 08:54:42

    I can never unsee the credits.

    Dincan, 2012-12-07 10:40:52


    Jasp, 2012-12-07 16:40:56

    oh, the indignity!

    Towwl, 2012-12-07 17:52:24

    I have been struggling with my fractions for so long, this game has helped me so much! Thank you! It’s amazing how you fit fun and educational together, games can never really pull that off. You’re my hero, I’m going to do so much better in class.

    Jim, 2012-12-07 22:12:05

    FINISHED!! :)

    Scott Vokes, 2012-12-08 22:01:23

    Epic. I give it 137/53 stars, and 21/10 thumbs up! (Nice soundtrack, too.)

    JD D, 2012-12-10 03:46:35

    This has changed my life…

    mtarini, 2012-12-10 12:50:13


    dave m, 2012-12-12 07:55:24

    I don’t see any directions. These should not only be present but prominently displayed. How do you play this game? If you eat the bugs you die. If you don’t, you die. The bugs turn into fraction when you eat them but it doesn’t seem to be a problem you are suppose to solve. Bottom line, include directions.

    True Story, 2012-12-13 04:39:30

    This game cured my cancer but gave me hives.

    Kathrrak, 2012-12-13 13:49:42

    Awesome awesome awesome awe + some? awe + much muchawe awemuch how much? 7/6s much how much awe too much too much waaaay too much

    I’ll never be able to look at bugs quite the same way. The pixellated effect will haunt me.

    *mind blown*

    Dr. Eliza Reitmann, 2012-12-15 04:21:06

    The behaviourally challenged children I work with just love learning about fractions with the incredible tool that makes education fun!

    Is a “Frog French” or dare I say, a “Toad Trigonometry” in the works?

    Rubylark, 2012-12-15 18:53:27

    The sound cut out on me after I got the warp drive, so once I finished the game the first time, I decided to play through it again for the heck of it. Worth it for the all the history I learned in the underwater level. This game is more than just fractions. It’s an all-around learning tool.

    TheMilo, 2012-12-16 09:43:14

    Take a bow sir! Most fun i’ve had in ages. this link needs to be tweeted about and posted on facebook and reposted and retweeted so that the everyone can share in the joy of fractioning some frogs. Frog Porn FTW

    LTD.Edition, 2012-12-17 00:11:28

    Made bug porn, built a pond in my presidential palace, WON! 20 mins.

    Timmy Tonga, 2012-12-17 09:34:52

    Hi this is Timmy this is the best fucking game in the whole fucking world of the whole fucking 2012 of the whole fucking day!

    Django Solare, 2012-12-17 12:15:13

    Consider me 286/1239ths supremely satisfied, 5/413ths rather confused, and 43/177ths strangely aroused. Well done.

    Manly tears, 2012-12-17 12:48:15

    My autism is cured!

    Pissed, 2012-12-17 15:38:17

    I couldn’t get past the keyboard part because it wouldn’t register my typing past the first letter. -___-
    Game blows.

    Pissed, 2012-12-17 15:57:24

    everytime i click a letter it is a number that starts at 0 and goes up to 9 ad repeats… please help I love this game :(

    Peter Lu, 2012-12-18 22:13:31

    I thought you detected keyboard layout. Turns out it was a bug not a feature :(.

    Nikitos, 2012-12-19 02:59:10

    This game is a lot of fun! Thanks for making it.

    Mads, 2012-12-19 13:12:48

    Excellent game :-) I heard about this on the Experience points podcast b.t.w…

    louroboros, 2012-12-20 00:10:47

    I’m speechless, so I don’t really know why I’m commenting.

    Admiral Memo, 2012-12-20 00:58:59

    Anyone having trouble with the wire part, take the tape off the machine and put it on the wire. That should get you enough where you can figure out the rest.

    Oisin Conolly, 2012-12-21 18:29:01

    back for more….man this game is awesome! Would love it on my ipad!

    Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, 2012-12-24 12:25:17

    This game is art.

    Shadow789, 2012-12-24 12:32:53

    The giantbombcast is on pause!

    zigx, 2012-12-24 15:15:32

    Giantbomb GOTY podcast brought me here! Holy crap this game blew my mind!

    Moeez, 2012-12-24 15:34:06

    Thank you Giant Bomb!

    Fapping to so much bug porn right now.

    Brackynews, 2012-12-24 16:31:42

    What was your budget for recording an actual walrus? It must’ve cost a bukkitload. And did he consent to the interview?

    Joshua, 2012-12-24 17:01:51

    I beat my high score of 1/9000!!!

    I give this game 10bugs out of 10 zorblocks.

    Best game of 2012

    Jad Zeidan, 2012-12-24 17:07:27

    This game was fucking INSANE!!!!!!



    Neutron Pong, 2012-12-24 18:14:36

    What just happened?
    What is going on?
    What the what?
    Who am I?

    Am I a frog?

    Mr. Hops-a-lot, 2012-12-24 19:48:56


    Akshay, 2012-12-24 20:38:05

    Dude!!! Thank you Giant Bomb, and also, wow! Love the Rage-a-like-ending song that’s obviously to draw from the ending to the first matrix film.

    This is my GOTY (haha!) What a great experience!

    TruthTellah, 2012-12-24 20:39:30

    This made… no sense.

    But in a way… it made more sense than most games ever do.


    ReticentCouch, 2012-12-24 22:02:38

    Planned on playing for 15 minutes and ended up playing for a couple hours. You are a way more creative person than I. Thanks for the cool experience! I would’ve never found the game if it didn’t crop up on Brad Shoemaker’s Top 10 of the year on Giant Bomb (

    Shintsurugi, 2012-12-24 22:41:29

    Came here from GB as well, and gotta say, I am highly disappointed in this game’s portrayal of fractions.


    Richard C, 2012-12-25 01:21:48

    In a year where we’ve had such disappointing endings (re: Mass Effect 3) it’s good to know that SOME people still know how to bring a story to a close. Good on you, Twinbeard.

    Andreas K, 2012-12-25 03:46:41

    I have a hipster award available for this game.

    HH, 2012-12-25 05:33:55

    Thank you Giant Bomb!!!

    MEEPMEEP, 2012-12-25 08:33:54

    Take the out of order not then take the tape use tape on wire

    Gerardo Ortiz Mildare, 2012-12-25 12:46:53

    Thank you, Giant Bomb! Also, thank you TB as well, I guess.

    BUUUUUUUUUUGZ, 2012-12-25 14:11:25

    I have no idea what I just played.

    That said, the remix of RATM’s Wake Up for the credits music was p. awesome.

    Kashif, 2012-12-25 16:30:29

    Guys just… I cant spoil what your in for but there is a lot more to this game

    Neil Isaac Forick, 2012-12-25 16:57:19

    The shit.
    This makes NO SENSE.
    But it was so wonderful that I can’t help but laugh.
    Man I can’t wait to tell this as a story.
    “So I was a frog, but then I went to space and became president, after which I made bug porn.”

    Churchie, 2012-12-25 19:31:32

    The music is freakin incredible

    Milkmu, 2012-12-25 21:33:41

    4chan GOTY

    Jak, 2012-12-25 23:04:55

    I freaking love the IGN watermark in the background of the title screen. This whole game is such a wonderful experience.

    Adam Redsell, 2012-12-26 00:35:51

    I can’t believe I finished it! Game of the Year 2012!

    Guilherme, 2012-12-26 04:17:28

    Giant Bomb GOTY

    Shawn, 2012-12-26 05:54:18

    Can’t wait for the GotY Edition with all the DLC!

    Generic Hipster, 2012-12-26 07:25:06

    Well…. that was just Jesus

    rsmith, 2012-12-26 11:41:57

    The credits were the best part.

    Warofart, 2012-12-26 13:25:13

    OMG. OMG. This might be the most memorable game I’ve played in a really long time. Holy bananas. WOW.

    Michael Glass, 2012-12-26 16:26:12

    repulsive. Should contain *not safe for larva* title. I don’t want my little ones seeing this filth.

    Nate, 2012-12-26 23:34:49

    Giant Bomb sent me here.


    antonymity, 2012-12-27 00:01:26

    fantastic, although for some reason i lost sound about halfway through. it may have been related to clicking outside of the game to pause it a few times. it just suddenly dawned on me at some point that i was no longer hearing any sound. i think it was during the asteroid level? otherwise, you have a wonderful creation here and i am glad to have been able to play it and experience the luxury of life as king bug porn peddler.

    WAFFLES, 2012-12-27 00:27:17


    wurzle, 2012-12-27 14:13:03

    There is some buzz that this is going to be numerated for a bug oscar.

    Cystm, 2012-12-27 16:48:56

    Release this on steam via Greenlight!

    Andreas K, 2012-12-27 17:28:59

    All the gameplay stuff was stolen from other titles.

    The concept, art, music was pastiche and mixed from other sources.

    To call this original or innovative would be delusional.

    It had its moments of fun but mostly it was a waste of time similar to watching dumb comedy television. (Maybe this type of flash game is the ‘dumb comedy television’ of the 21st century?)

    Buggins B Mcporno, 2012-12-27 19:11:31

    Bug porn. BUG. PORN.

    Sinalve, 2012-12-27 20:12:39

    SPOILER ALERT!!!! In the ship, get the electrical tape off of the machine when you get the chance.

    Piotr Łysek, 2012-12-28 04:49:29

    Great game but…

    Reigne, 2012-12-28 06:31:43

    I don’t even know what just happened.

    But my brain is fried because I couldn’t stop playing this.


    Got stuck at the perfume. Figured out the wires easy.

    This is just madness. Tis a shame I don’t know hardly any of the references. :c Bravo though guys.

    Xaveri, 2012-12-28 14:43:22

    I’m impressed. Had a great time with it. You have peaked my interest in text adventures. Great Fun!

    tastes_like_burning, 2012-12-28 19:50:24

    I never really understood fractions before I played this game. One great educational tool right here.

    Dean, 2012-12-28 19:57:18

    Man I miss my dragon already

    Mark Phaedrus, 2012-12-28 20:07:44

    I give this product 1004/237 stars.

    Trevor F, 2012-12-28 22:19:19

    i will never confuse my numerators and denominators again. thank you!

    Sandow, 2012-12-29 01:07:13

    This was perfect as a refresher course in fractions. I’ve got a class coming up this spring (after taking a little break from school) and I was worried about my math skills slipping. This has given me the confidence I need to tackle algebra again. Thanks!

    El Hombre, 2012-12-29 12:00:31

    Si, señor!

    Frog Fractions is generous for less time every money!

    Thanks you

    Griss, 2012-12-29 17:54:28

    10/10 Game of the year.

    sheepow2, 2012-12-29 19:02:27

    dude! i love the soundtrack named “Get your ass to mars”. who is the compositor? :)

    a secret boss, 2012-12-29 22:32:50

    OMG awesome game. I was blown away once u figure it out. LOL

    Rory D, 2012-12-30 01:55:51

    Superb! You may very well have birthed a text adventurer today.

    Odin, 2012-12-30 13:03:19

    that was amazing

    cursormonkey, 2012-12-30 20:29:41

    YES! YES, YES, YES!!!

    Props to Giant Bomb for leading me here…

    Daniel, 2012-12-30 21:09:35

    four hundredths

    Sand Martian, 2012-12-31 11:16:52

    Awsome game! At first I was like WTF? Why did my cousin tell me to play this @%!#@$! I was soon intrigued with the scoring and power-ups then BLAMO! WTF is this… did someone spike my drink? Loved all the retro aspects (the text adventure, lemonade.. LOL) What really got me was the icon-switcharoo. Very clever!!! Also the dream sequence… brilliant! Thanks again for the experience! Keep up the good work!

    Rune, 2012-12-31 20:16:09

    Three Ambrogi playtesters?! I for one do not support this type of nepotism.

    omnigeno, 2012-12-31 22:24:20

    “A History of Boxing”… Hahahaha, awesome!

    Your mother, 2013-01-01 13:06:27

    Beat this game on the new year! I love this game

    Elissa, 2013-01-01 18:36:12

    It’s like this game was made just for me. Was it? GET OUT OF MY HEAD.

    theo, 2013-01-01 20:25:54

    Man… what the…. thank you!

    whut, 2013-01-01 22:38:51

    After playing this, I feel like I just spent an hour on reddit.

    OK in all seriousness, this game was effing BONKERS

    jaron, 2013-01-02 18:51:34

    I can’t even write enough words to describe the awesomeness of this game :3

    Papa Squat, 2013-01-02 19:44:58

    I danced to “Go! Go! Foreign Emissary” for like hours after the game was over

    Nadine, 2013-01-02 21:24:38

    If “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” was made into a flash game, it would be somewhat like this! Awesome!

    Mark James Arthur Smith, 2013-01-02 23:08:52

    I put off playing this for a month…and it’s the greatest thing I’ve seen in years. Amazing!

    Potts, 2013-01-03 18:39:32

    Thanks, I needed a good laugh. Amazing game.

    666armynofx, 2013-01-03 21:26:52

    yeah beat it!! I cheated on the perfum cleaning part though xD eheh I laughed a lot thanks for this man and thank ”boring brad shoemaker” game reviewer for sending me here! yey!!

    Mickmode, 2013-01-05 07:33:46

    I am analyzing this at my university. Had no fuckin idea what I was getting into!

    Captain Freiheit, 2013-01-05 18:30:44


    J. Besaw, 2013-01-05 18:45:50

    bloop blurp br bur barrr barr burr bloo bee blee bah bloo.

    Loved making bug porn. Got through the whole thing with a lot of brute force and ignorance. blee bloo blee.

    Husky, 2013-01-05 20:51:07


    stuff, 2013-01-07 11:07:00

    great stuff – but I’m stuck at the adventure. Got food in the pod and have fixed the wires, not really sure what else I need to do to sleep.

    Ninjababe, 2013-01-07 12:04:02

    Just… wow… What a great game!

    ben, 2013-01-07 15:06:06

    wow, best game of 2012. i can’t believe i played the whole thing.

    Kou_Kagerou, 2013-01-07 20:21:51



    Other thoughts:
    I chose the currency button first and I was left hopping aft and fore a bit without knowing what to do with this new combined item. Hint: Don’t do what I did. They aren’t combined. Check your inventory every now and then.

    I think I found my self in Porpentine’s situation. I won… but at what cost D:????

    sanpin, 2013-01-08 17:43:43

    this is the best thing that happened to me in my entire life…

    Jacob, 2013-01-09 03:51:18

    Thank you

    Chanman, 2013-01-09 10:33:02

    I err don’t get it.
    ????? I feel like I’ve just entered the twilight zone.

    ZJK, 2013-01-09 15:45:52 sent me.

    if you didn't get it...., 2013-01-09 17:33:30

    you probably aren’t very bright and should turn off your parents computer before you break it.

    Fraking awesome game. Kudos X like a billion!

    wearethefrog, 2013-01-09 19:22:38


    Kalle, 2013-01-10 10:58:49

    Let’s be honest… We all stayed for the bugporn!

    Seppel, 2013-01-11 10:51:16

    274 combo!

    A speedrun might be entertaining.

    DrMacca, 2013-01-11 11:15:05

    I haven’t laughed so hard in ages. Great, great game!

    Lee, 2013-01-11 13:10:31

    amazing :D

    Heeyy, 2013-01-11 13:18:52

    Is there any way to skip to the soundboard ? The OSTs are pretty chilling haha.

    Jimbo, 2013-01-12 03:15:23

    So i found the secret area by hugging the teddy bear 3 times without looking at the blue elephant (btw thanks for the awesome unlockable freebie from that!). what happened to delilah though? i mean in the alternate ending what does she mean by being lost not dead? i think you could clear this up, otherwise great game! best 20 hours i’ve spent

    Xitac, 2013-01-12 10:43:41

    Awesome game! Only the text adventure part took me some time to complete, but it was worth the time!

    StereoMark, 2013-01-13 04:59:52

    Like being punched in the face by sentient LSD. Zerolife podcast’s game of 2012.

    Nermal, 2013-01-13 07:19:00

    Why are there so many rave reviews for this pathetic, barely controllable game?

    Was it made by a five year old? If so, credit for the work. Anything older than that??? Nahh.. he’s let his inner child reign too much.

    grayholiday, 2013-01-13 10:15:20

    This game changed my idea of what a game can be. It subverts the medium and challenges the player to think outside the implied limits of gameplay. GOTY

    Kropotkin, 2013-01-13 12:15:03

    I have just completed this…this…what ever it is. I’m now questioning the meaning of ‘reality’.

    AndreStroetzel, 2013-01-13 13:53:27

    That´s is the most brilliant and innovative stuff i´ve seen this year. That documentation voice overlay in the mars ocean depths is the bomb!

    Lee, 2013-01-13 22:22:52


    Fivyrn, 2013-01-14 18:09:33

    It was fantastic, sad that it is over.

    Hal, 2013-01-15 00:43:13


    Not a game you immediately expect to involve references to the West Wing, but hey ho.

    Always down….

    Wezzipooh, 2013-01-15 02:06:39

    I’m in the process of getting a visa, so I can relate to frog.

    Dat proboscis.

    Nekomata, 2013-01-15 05:55:25

    ARRRRGGGHHHH you need a numeric pad to do the part where you buy zorkmmids.

    That will teach me to play on a bad laptop…

    Lach, 2013-01-15 13:11:02

    This blows my mind. Was I just eating insects and adding fractions to a total that my brain could not comprehend?

    Thanatos, 2013-01-15 17:49:43

    You know, I thought there would never be a better game about frogs and fractions after Math Munchers Deluxe.

    I was wrong.

    Fersh, 2013-01-15 20:00:39

    I played the game for 30 minutes on the Dragon, and didn’t think to move down the entire time.

    I’m so fucking stupid.

    cacapopopipishire, 2013-01-15 22:08:38

    supp bitches I made 30,000,000 off of frog porn!!!! hardest part tho was defeating Zues with the laser shooting T-rex!!

    Potato, 2013-01-16 00:12:37

    This is awesome. I have nothing to say other than this is awesome.

    babymonkeybackwardsonabig, 2013-01-16 05:47:37

    oh god. i can’t even. Just.. UPGRADES, WHAT R U DOIN?! Go home frog, you’re on shrooms.

    Alex, 2013-01-16 12:23:29

    I had a lot of trouble with these fractions. The progression of difficulty could have been better, but overall, very educational, and I’m glad I played through to the end. I never knew match could be so fun.

    Will, 2013-01-16 15:38:15

    Love the story on the history of boxing.

    A true interesting fact about the history of boxing: Pre boxing gloves the sport was much much safer because punches to the face were illegal for obvious reasons. The invention of boxing gloves make head shots legal and in turn made the sport much more dangerous for contestants.

    DW, 2013-01-16 18:25:19

    I love twinbeard studios. u guys rock & thanks for keeping it real. email me if you want to do a mobile app…

    Regg, 2013-01-16 20:26:48

    Objectively this is the best game ever created.

    Fakey, 2013-01-16 20:33:33

    Best GED prep available. 5 Stars!

    Jason Lee, 2013-01-17 03:33:27

    I found a “bug” (no pun intended) i have 7k in the bank and porn costs 15k a pop. endless loop of “y u no porn?”

    HELP ME!!!!!!!

    phone_microwave, 2013-01-17 10:23:17

    I streamed this on and shared it with all my friends. Game was badass! 10/10 I’d even buy this on steam!

    Ralph Teixeira, 2013-01-17 13:45:41

    I finished it! Well, I mean, I think I did… Thanks for an entertaining hour or so.

    Finn Kuusisto, 2013-01-17 19:14:15


    Michael, 2013-01-17 20:51:39

    Well, that certainly was…different.

    Aaron, 2013-01-19 11:41:35

    how do i get the ship back to bug mars? I tried to stick pink goop on the wires, but it didn’t work.

    John, 2013-01-19 13:57:50

    I have subscribed my child to play at least one hour of this each day. It’s almost hard to believe, but his grades have improved dramatically, and he is now herald of his mathematics class! Thank you, Frog Fractions, for enlightening my child’s life on the wonders of numerators and denominators.

    confused... am i dying?, 2013-01-19 15:28:08

    i went underwater.. i see a guy watching tv.. who is a merman.. but he had man boobs and a nice mustache.. and now some guy is telling me about boxing.. i think im in hell.. but if hells like this then i guess thats ok

    Madam Im Adam, 2013-01-19 19:16:32

    Awesome game can’t believe I haven’t played this before. 10/10 would play again.

    leo, 2013-01-20 06:48:49

    and its free? i would give at least fifteen cash money dollars for this amazing game 10/10

    Afrobot, 2013-01-20 22:23:42

    Haha, that game made my day it was so hilariously witty.

    RikiRude, 2013-01-21 09:18:11

    This was just incredible, I don’t even know what to say! I learned so much about factions and got my typing and bugging up good!

    This was seriously a great experience!

    sullymandude, 2013-01-21 21:21:15

    I have never been so sad to reach the end of a videogame/learning-journey! If Assassin’s Creed 6/3 were half the whole of this game, it still wouldn’t be 8 and 1/3rd divided by six-tenths as awesome as Frog Fractions!

    walczyk, 2013-01-22 23:38:08

    Amazing! I haven’t seen so many game modes in one game and done so well since I can remember. I wasn’t a fan of the early art, but then it totally get’s fucking crazy and I have to love the art now. The text part was my favorite.

    PenifTip, 2013-01-23 02:34:17


    ZoxCov, 2013-01-23 07:44:34

    haha, the Star Control reference in the text adventure :D

    Seth, 2013-01-23 22:26:03

    LOLERSKATES fuckin funniest game I have ever played! 2 hours well spent lol. I love fractions so much!

    UXShark, 2013-01-25 05:45:42

    I got your pink goop right here…

    Zach, 2013-01-26 03:19:51

    I just got learned.

    blah, 2013-01-26 20:38:07

    Great game!

    …but there’s a way to play as Goro, right? I heard there was a way.

    B Dubbs, 2013-01-26 21:30:29

    insect… porn… overload… head… go… boom…

    Buk Lau, 2013-01-26 22:22:38

    Best flash game I’ve ever played.

    Digitalbiscuit, 2013-01-27 06:27:49

    this is such a sexy game

    ergazoobi, 2013-01-28 21:25:00

    I like how the ending song totally isn’t Wake Up by Rage Against the Machine.

    Sogetsu, 2013-01-29 03:46:39

    WTF did i just spend the last 2 hours playing. I seriously don’t know what happened ?????

    JJ, 2013-01-31 14:47:10

    Testicle cement.

    Essobee, 2013-01-31 22:37:30

    THANK YOU!!! had a blast playing this game!

    wiL Morgan, 2013-02-01 14:52:20

    Played it to completion.
    i thought it was great :D

    bgod morte lenta, 2013-02-01 17:37:02

    Its a fucking awesome game. Formidable. Congratulations for this masterpiece.

    Dr Manly J. Panda, 2013-02-02 03:24:18

    I liked the bit with the frog.

    Froggy McDerp, 2013-02-02 03:53:29

    Simply awesomely excellent. Masterpiece indeed. :)

    Bosby, 2013-02-02 05:29:51


    JT, 2013-02-02 06:11:44

    Fantastic in every way, made a previously pretty shitty day pretty awesome!

    jorgen, 2013-02-02 08:36:28


    OKKUSENMAN, 2013-02-02 22:09:41


    Lord_Cheese, 2013-02-03 13:21:23

    Best thing ever…

    Kero Lee, 2013-02-04 10:24:46

    Best game ever.

    z, 2013-02-05 05:54:36

    clearly this was made to be played high

    Henry, 2013-02-06 16:30:10

    Whatever the hell I just played, it was fucking fantastic.

    Teanah, 2013-02-06 23:08:21


    Zach, 2013-02-07 15:39:55

    This was the most psychedelic and trippy games I have ever played… and definitaly in my top three games of all time

    Sven, 2013-02-09 15:52:40

    I finally understand fractions. Thank you frog fractions for helping me with my math!

    Farf Narf, 2013-02-10 05:32:26

    I don’t get it. How is this supposed to help children with their fractions?

    Thisgame is fricking good, 2013-02-11 13:04:24


    Galileo Good Guy, 2013-02-11 13:48:04

    incredible, incredible game. really wish that bug porn of this quality was more readily available to the public.

    Jim, 2013-02-14 11:57:07


    Kevin Apple, 2013-02-16 16:19:37

    There are no words. Only fractions.

    Alan, 2013-02-17 10:12:42

    This game changed my life… for the better

    Markus Mer, 2013-02-21 11:48:17

    This was amazing. So great. So rewarding.

    brandon lockaby, 2013-02-22 19:49:25

    full screen

    Xbon, 2013-02-22 21:20:04

    This game is a total mindfuck Educational masterpiece.

    Maso, 2013-02-23 11:12:30

    Nice Dvorak layout on the typing bit… I type in the language so I caught on pretty damn quick.

    max, 2013-02-23 11:50:26

    i came here from yogscast!!

    Logan76667, 2013-02-23 11:52:20

    nooooo tfw you accidentally win :'(

    Redril, 2013-02-23 12:00:09

    just wandering around on underwater bugmars listening to the history of boxing? lol

    Tsenzei, 2013-02-23 12:40:15

    Huh, either Zorkmids are horribly deflated (well, they were anyway once I was done) or “bug action” is damned expensive.

    Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to go back to relaxing in my swimming pool.

    Zombspider, 2013-02-23 13:06:23

    So many bugs SO MANY (thank you yogscast this is the best indie game u ever played!) I <3 TURTLES AND FROGS AND FRACTIONS

    Florian, 2013-02-23 13:13:35

    This game is so amazing :D

    setrampage, 2013-02-23 13:42:34


    Sips, 2013-02-23 15:15:16

    Jesus Christ…. Best game ever made!

    gggg, 2013-02-23 15:39:48

    how do you pass the rocket part under water

    Eblo, 2013-02-23 15:54:46

    An experience of ethereal ecstasy, a struggle of strength and strides. Frog Fractions is, by far, the most profound of any educational media on the market. It may seem childish at first, but people of all ages will come to know and love arithmetic algebra as if it were learning to ride a bicycle. One could play Frog Fractions for hours on end and still continue to learn and think in an entirely new manner.

    I urge each and every person on this beautiful green Earth to give Frog Fractions a try. Since I’ve played, my life has never been the same, and I hope it does the same for you.

    Dave Winton, 2013-02-23 15:57:16

    This game is laden with bugs!

    kevin leon, 2013-02-23 16:43:24

    i glad i watch simon from yogcast played this

    BlueXephos, 2013-02-23 18:20:07

    Best Fucking Gaming EVER!

    Hendude09, 2013-02-23 18:58:57

    How do I beat the text adventure?

    Logan Barnes, 2013-02-23 19:39:24

    YAY i beat it!

    Fuckface, 2013-02-23 20:16:22

    OMG SOOO GOOD Way too long and pornish

    Kayin, 2013-02-23 20:44:26

    Uh… when was this made and or published ?

    Did you know that today on the Food Network there was an episode of Sugar Dome where the theme was to make a video game themed whatever, and one of the teams made almost exactly this game ? I don’t know if it was a coincidence or what. But it’s freaking me out, as today the Yogscast guys published a video of them playing this.

    TOm Jeenkinz joonur, 2013-02-23 20:55:19

    i leearnsed farctsstins todaaayn an disinat hwo you do dem…

    Jack, 2013-02-23 21:10:37

    i think i’ve just been david lynched into an amazing journey. forget skyrim, crysis, far cry, tomb raider and dead space… just play this instead.

    also, amazing soundtrack
    frog fraction: a bug licking, space text adventuring, bug porn producing experience for all the family… apart from maybe some young children 10 out of 10

    coyotus, 2013-02-23 23:51:20

    I feel bad for the people who didn’t figure the game out and are complaining about how it doesn’t teach fractions.

    igno ramus, 2013-02-24 01:42:41

    Best game ever. Thank you for making it and restoring my faith in humanity.

    ????, 2013-02-24 03:21:44

    how do you do the space rocket bit?

    mystery, 2013-02-24 05:40:27


    mystery, 2013-02-24 05:41:28

    Drugs hahahahha LOVE IT

    mystery, 2013-02-24 05:42:00

    It wasnt that easy the game to complete though
    :D :D :D:)

    ipreferdecimals, 2013-02-24 09:59:11

    What is in the gift box? I beat the game, but now I just want to get a damn gift box…

    Harry, 2013-02-24 10:35:05

    I tricked my maths teacher into letting my maths class play it…

    Maudrid, 2013-02-24 10:49:24

    There is no quitting is space.
    There is no saving in space.


    My Siggy, 2013-02-24 21:51:39

    One of da best falsh games eva

    Harry, 2013-02-25 05:54:45

    A-ma-zing! I like the way you can just fly down and get ‘like a billion’ fruit once you have the dragon or turtle xD

    Dick Hole, 2013-02-25 08:17:06


    Joe M, 2013-02-25 13:38:48


    nicodemoscain, 2013-02-25 14:03:01

    Too…much…maths…brains…hurting…Did I win?

    Havoc, 2013-02-25 14:07:26

    That’s like the best flash game I ever played, but the fractions in the spaceship were tricky as hell. I need to recommend this to my friends to see if they can beat the game too. ;)

    thecoolcreeper17, 2013-02-25 16:12:46

    BEST GAME EVER. Just don’t know if I beat it. :D

    Ervin, 2013-02-25 17:12:53

    I beat the game with no tips. Awesome.

    Zeb, 2013-02-25 20:30:40

    Easy, not including the parts where I had no idea I could move on, on my own.
    Best thing ever, though. Ever.

    Arne, 2013-02-26 02:21:27

    After the I saw “The Life of Pi” now I can say i’ve heard also
    “The Sound of Pi”!
    Thank you, GREAT GAME!!! GG

    Starvie Garvie, 2013-02-26 09:54:05

    Just beat this for the second time.

    Never have my maths been so math.

    Bob the unicorn, 2013-02-26 14:20:17


    Gabriel, 2013-02-27 07:00:22

    I am amazed…. Jaw dropped several times :) They should name a new genre after this game, it’d be named “WTF” :D Many thanks for creating this gem!

    Cowsandguns, 2013-02-27 10:57:45

    Bug porn? seriously? loved it!

    Buckley, 2013-02-27 19:40:26


    I was gonna buy another game but i’m kinda tapped out. Here’s some old games I don’t play anymore.

    xneose, 2013-02-28 14:01:18

    God! so much bug porn!

    xneose, 2013-02-28 14:01:33

    God! so much bug porn!

    xneose, 2013-02-28 14:01:33

    God! so much bug porn!

    xneose, 2013-02-28 14:01:33

    God! so much bug porn!

    StrawHillsStudios, 2013-03-01 11:45:27

    Totally fucking dinosaurs! Loved it!

    _MagmaMan_, 2013-03-01 12:37:11

    One of the best games I’ve ever played! I laughed SO hard on the credits. Nice job!

    sannni, 2013-03-01 13:02:36

    Can someone tell me how to get past the wire part ?

    YourMinecraftGuy, 2013-03-01 14:31:46

    Check out my YouTube channel in a year YourMinecraftGuy !

    Jungle, 2013-03-01 16:31:32

    That was goddamn amazing!!!!!! thank you so much!

    Trenton, 2013-03-01 20:00:05

    Thanks for this amazing educational experience!

    YakimaDWB, 2013-03-01 23:45:50

    awesome game, entertaining as hell, and am about to play through it again..

    blahhh_mahh, 2013-03-02 01:15:00

    Watz up With th ball part, i cant do it!!!!

    jjrryyaa, 2013-03-02 22:08:00

    I dont get the command module O_O

    MB, 2013-03-03 01:53:07

    Yes so into bug porn (NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!)

    zack, 2013-03-04 13:48:32

    STUPID WAY TO END but awesome game

    FROGGYAMI, 2013-03-04 20:30:03


    Thank you frog fractions, 2013-03-05 02:39:31

    Before frog fractions, I could not could or do simple maths. Now I can…thank you frog fractions, you are making the world a better place.

    Leah, 2013-03-06 21:43:29

    What can I do if I’m lost in the sea maze. :'(

    trhsn, 2013-03-08 04:59:27

    bla bla pittig gaaaaay

    Daniel, 2013-03-09 02:38:38

    Why does the president monitor the bug porn?
    Weird fetish and massive plot twist, however it is quite nice.
    I do like that fruit: like a billion shirt.

    julio, 2013-03-09 11:35:52

    when will there be a sequel i want one he goes underwater then what

    jt, 2013-03-09 12:06:27

    ok so i killed my self but i can still do stuff XD

    aza, 2013-03-09 16:01:14

    wait, how am I supposed to get 25000 fruit?!

    ed, 2013-03-10 01:29:53

    How do you get Zorkmids?

    ?????, 2013-03-10 03:15:30

    type fuck me in the text part and got points dafuck

    Cypressgroove, 2013-03-10 05:01:11

    Well, I can honestly say this is *by far* the best insect related game I’ve played this year, and I’ve played a few.

    Kory Cabrera, 2013-03-11 22:41:36

    Hey, I have wondered about getting the software program DubTurbo Beatmaker and was hoping someone could give me an actual genuine overview of the software. Almost all of the web sites that feature reviews are literally internet marketers selling the software so I question that the reviews are sincere. Cheers in advance for all insight anybody can provide.

    Mark, 2013-03-12 07:14:17

    people who dont get it, buy turtle, go underwater, buy dragon go to SPACE!!! (up). btw, This game is AWESOME!!

    Angel, 2013-03-12 13:31:47

    I got stuck in space…Yeah. I then typed “die”…
    Oh god no.

    jimmy jones, 2013-03-13 14:31:09

    omg second time playing now its decimals

    Mr Ben, 2013-03-14 10:09:37

    the ruler returns!
    frog fracgtions killllzzzzz all…..blam!

    JBush, 2013-03-16 20:35:27

    Great concept, gameplay, and music score is fantastic.
    Definitely worth my time.

    TheHeroofTime796, 2013-03-17 13:32:02

    dont know wtf i just played, but it was effing awesome!!!:D

    Chuck, 2013-03-17 14:26:05

    I found this game remarkably easy to flagellate my pedipalps to. *fwap* *fwap* *fwap*

    Randomunezz, 2013-03-17 16:11:45

    YOU WILL BE KISSED ON THE BEST DAY OF YOUR LIFE. NOW THAT YOU’VE STARTED READING, DOn’t STOP. THIS IS SO FREAKY. 1 say your name 10 times 2. say your mum’s name 5 times and your crushes name 3 times 4. paste this onto 4 other games. If you do this, your crush will kiss you on the nearest Friday possible. But if you read this and do not paste this, you will get bad luck. SEND THIS ON 5 DIFFERENT GAMES IN 143 MINUTES. WHEN YOUR DONE, PRESS F6 AND YOUR CRUSHES NAME WILL APPEAR IN BIG LETTERS. THIS IS SO FREAKY IT ACTUALLY WORKS ——————————————————————————- ——————————————————————————- ——————————————————————————-

    benbuzz790, 2013-03-18 00:45:57

    I am much better at fractions now. This game is great for teaching people fractions.

    GAVINBLUM, 2013-03-18 14:03:42


    Eriyu, 2013-03-18 17:29:32

    I am so fucking confused.

    Floe, 2013-03-19 01:47:34

    I’m scared out of my life, and it’s fucking frogs and fractions.

    Stumblefish, 2013-03-19 02:28:08

    This is truely brilliant – rarely have I seen something this random work this well and be this entertaining.

    last, 2013-03-19 17:57:30

    So i finished it with a lot of effort (being a nonborn english speaker… ?? trying fractions for the first time -algo an engineer-) and then realized it’s a kids game with lots of porn WHAT???? Por lo menos puedo decir que terminé una aventura no grafica en media hora, después de probar el comando fuck como maniaco.

    Armand, 2013-03-20 15:50:38

    This was literally better than sex. Like, no jokes, I played this after a morning of sex and it was an even better experience. (Like, sex with a person. Sex. I don’t know if you know, internet, but I have sex. I’m cool. Can we hang out?)

    Coalesce, 2013-03-21 12:07:27

    My wife caught me hunched over the keyboard in the dark… fractioning frogs.

    At first she wouldn’t look me in the eye, but after a few weeks and a roofie-colada, we now fraction frogs together!

    Thanks Frog Fractions!

    Wang, 2013-03-22 05:09:53

    Just plain awesome! My life has literally remained the same after playing this game, I hope yours does too

    Xbox360andwii, 2013-03-22 15:17:06

    wow… stuning … I even used this for youtube… this is an epic game… FROG FRACTIONS

    oryx, 2013-03-22 15:51:11

    I have earned my bachelors degree in fractions thanks to this educational tool. Thank you, “Frog Fractions”, without you I would be nothing.

    Home my Heaven, 2013-03-25 14:20:44

    Truely excellent. I just liked it very much. Its really kills some of my times but its great. I will share it with my all friends.

    Avery Kellerman, 2013-03-26 07:55:59

    I’m playing this at school lol

    talktune, 2013-03-27 02:41:41

    A game for passing time.

    LOOOL, 2013-03-28 19:03:27

    if you tipe fuck frog you get 1/3 poinmts

    very fun, 2013-03-29 08:15:27

    I had a great time until I got lost in the underwater labyrinth and got bored..

    D, 2013-03-29 15:03:11

    what’s the recipe for BREAD???

    ghtrdfh, 2013-04-02 17:35:16


    Yogscast, 2013-04-03 09:15:29

    This game is insane! God i think this is going to be top 5 funniest momments. :D

    Maple Tree, 2013-04-05 07:06:02

    What the fuck!? Did I just… Even… but… how and… wut.

    Mike, 2013-04-08 12:51:57

    Am I the only one that thinks this is a waste of time? I’ve played more clever, fun, cute indy games….this just felt like I was being trolled by the commenters the entire time. Waste of time.

    Yer Momma, 2013-04-17 05:37:03

    Teach your kids fun with fractions! <3

    LOL BUTTZ, 2013-04-20 08:28:26

    … wtf did i just play

    Fredrik1ST, 2013-04-20 10:15:40

    The game is full of bugs.
    8.3e-0.5 / 10 would fract again.

    jackreclaimer, 2013-04-20 21:02:23

    What am I missing.

    Masterbaker, 2013-04-22 16:00:30

    I am embarrassed how many times I upgraded to lock-on targeting, and how much time I spent trying to make up a recipe for bread.

    Matt, 2013-04-23 21:49:00

    Excellent game, when’s the sequal coming out?

    panerai power reserve, 2013-04-24 00:56:45

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    Winged Nazgul, 2013-04-24 05:57:09

    It’s patently obvious that only a person blessed with two beards could have made a game like this.

    Thank you for creating such a perfect game of frog-fractioning.

    Destr, 2013-04-24 17:25:58

    I dunno how to get zorkmids DX please help

    nigga big dick, 2013-04-26 08:33:59

    this is a bull shit game. it pisses me the fuck off because there is no goddamn reason for a fucking frog to need fractions. the player doesnt even learn the fractions.

    Jajo2500, 2013-04-30 04:55:03

    WOW, This is the best free indie game i have ever played!

    Lee_Ars, 2013-05-03 19:42:53

    This is basically the greatest game I’ve ever played in the history of ever.

    swaginator, 2013-05-04 18:00:02

    fapped to dis gam

    Payton Miller, 2013-05-06 08:56:40

    i watched the yogscast play it and had to try it myself

    BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!!

    Payton Miller, 2013-05-06 08:57:37

    also lolololollolololololololololololololololol

    oh and your a fag swaginator

    Payton, 2013-05-08 17:09:27

    Ummm… i found the rocket but what do i do…?

    Jackson Kidd, 2013-05-12 16:57:30

    Amazing game! 10/10

    leon de fuacas, 2013-05-13 00:07:29

    Can’t jump on the “this game is amazing because it is ridiculous” bandwagon. It’s just bad. I appreciate the effort put into it, but it’s unfun, unintuitive, and generally frustrating. On several occasions I felt like I was being punished for making logical gameplay choices (read: -not- mistakes). Sorry – this just isn’t a pleasing experience in the slightest.

    Seamus Barcoe, 2013-05-13 04:36:36

    What are all the colorful circles coming from the flies? And how in heck are you supposed to collect 25,000 fruit for the next upgrade? That would literally take days to make up..

    A person, 2013-05-13 19:58:36

    After a hour all i can say is….the dragon.. don’t do itttttttt….. this game is pretty darn addictive

    trick, 2013-05-15 12:28:02

    most fractions ive ever tricky trick tricked in the whole trick

    leon de fuacas is a nob head, 2013-05-16 01:57:00

    After playing frog fractions I feel smarter, my butt hurts and I want more! This gamer is full of life lessons about all sorts of stuff from spelling to fractions and numbers and also bug sex.

    jasa pembuatan website, 2013-05-24 05:30:41

    Why in my browser can’t be run???
    Good job!!

    John Shade, 2013-05-27 05:27:25

    Hahahaha, I really enjoyed this. But the hardest part for me was definitely the beginning, working out how to get the warp drive. It just never occurred to me to do what you have to do.

    BTW, did anyone manage to get the bread machine to work?

    thats me, 2013-05-31 08:46:40

    WOOOW!! that game is so amazing and so adictive, I got my teacher to play with the class!!!

    Caleb Flores, 2013-06-03 23:08:26


    Emilio Estevez, 2013-06-06 22:26:35

    Melior jogo

    John, 2013-06-07 15:01:56

    Blocked at my school for ”pornography”

    me, 2013-06-13 10:22:47

    this is so funny and totally random xD
    although I don’t understand how this has anything to do with fractions…
    you just buy the dragon than dive and then you have “like a bilion” fruit
    the tex aventure was the best part ;)

    eelman93, 2013-06-13 12:57:38

    amazing!!! took me an hour

    awesome credits

    Potato, 2013-06-20 01:42:16

    People who say it’s hard math, or truly believe this is an educational game, need to kill themselves. :I

    asdf, 2013-06-21 21:07:04

    Like a lot of people, I misplaced the bread recipe that came bundled with the game, and the tier-2 recipes don’t work at the beginning even if you’re playing NG+. Here’s the recipe you need:

    Kenny, 2013-06-28 20:35:57

    the solo from rite of spring started playing and i peed a little

    Newblue, 2013-06-30 01:16:37

    All of these people thinking that this game is made for school kids, you obviously haven’t even got past the bug-eating part yet. Once you have, you’ll realize what this game really is.

    RandomGuy, 2013-07-08 19:25:59

    I think this game is awesome even though I haven’t played it yet. This comment is random.

    Jake, 2013-07-09 20:56:24

    I love the chicken nugs

    Bob Joe Jackson, Esq., 2013-07-14 20:15:36

    Well. I never knew that about boxing. Although I have been watching gigabytes upon gigabytes of expensive ass bugporn.

    Lt. Hop, 2013-07-17 04:51:00

    oh they just keep coming…

    Yushatak, 2013-07-23 15:26:26


    Teachers from Around the World, 2013-07-24 08:48:40

    This game needs to be shoved in the faces of students everywhere… SO MUCH EDUCATION.

    James Bond, 2013-07-27 02:28:50

    Absolutely amazing. I now know that Jim Crawford is a legend

    Justin, 2013-07-28 12:20:33

    Rite of Spring when you turn on the computer. Beautiful.

    Creeperboome, 2013-07-29 22:40:51

    they let me sign the card, so of course I scribble all over it.

    Billiez30, 2013-07-30 04:04:35

    Like A Billion…

    What the hell?!, 2013-08-01 19:51:18

    FRACTIONS?! I’m not learning anything from this bullshit!

    poph55, 2013-08-04 14:35:53

    good game
    now disappointed
    woudlnt surprise me to see it as a canidate for goty

    Carbon, 2013-08-10 12:45:50

    WTF thats all i have to say at this game WTF

    hulla, 2013-08-12 07:35:44

    I had fun and learned so much about fractions at the same time. Very nice game indeed for people who want to learn about fractions.

    Funny Indian Photos, 2013-08-15 22:17:14

    have no words to describe this. simply amazing.

    Game Informer, 2013-08-22 15:33:00

    it stinks never ever play this game….5 of 900000



    Barack Obama, 2013-08-22 15:37:11

    My name is Barack Obama and i approve this game for all children. under 35. :D

    khorne11, 2013-08-23 19:18:26

    This was the best game I have ever played, 2 pieces of string cheese out of George Takei

    User, 2013-08-25 14:14:14

    What is life? This game has made me question everything. Most stimulating game ever. 6/10 on a scale of 0 to 6 tenths. I’m a frog! How would I know!

    Rowan, 2013-08-27 16:18:28

    999999999 zorkmids out of 999999999 zorkmids.

    Rowan, 2013-09-02 21:10:51

    I Fucking Love Fractions!

    kporn, 2013-09-08 23:42:23

    BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Virginia davis, 2013-09-20 21:25:12

    hi are you on CardsApp? how can I subscribe? do you use your own app? thank u

    garypagetwo, 2013-09-24 16:45:29

    This game excites my pepnips!

    polarmemo, 2013-09-26 20:21:29

    can someone please tell me the bread recipe

    paul man, 2013-09-27 18:11:42

    type fuck myself in text part

    a man, 2013-09-28 20:54:13

    paul man, your good!
    Also type “shit” and “fuck”
    not as good as paul man…but jsut for fun.

    ZooptheHairyPig, 2013-10-01 19:04:16

    This game is awesome. it reminds me of the game Ender plays on his tablet (the one with the giant) in enders game.

    bob, 2013-10-11 08:10:04

    to get passed the wire use the electrical tape behind the out of order paper

    Meowgon, 2013-10-23 19:16:17

    Wow…. I didn’t know what I expected
    LOVE IT!!!

    I USE BIG LETTERS, 2013-10-24 07:40:59


    durak, 2013-11-01 20:14:04

    Seriously funny game!

    Machomike12, 2013-11-16 13:47:30


    Machomike, 2013-11-16 13:51:01

    I was laughing like shit when I saw “from stealing my space fruit from you god damn bugs”


    p.s. Thanks but, im into, lady bugs.

    Mr. Bug, 2013-11-22 14:27:47

    I think this was very rasist towards our spieces. Awsome game though. I won it after selling ALOT of bug porn…

    Tehlulzersaurus, 2013-11-22 14:33:25

    Awesome stuff. really glad I didn’t know anything about it.

    For those that are stuck at the certain really hard point, here is a list of most of the stuff you can interact with. Start adding things together and see where it goes.

    control panel
    sleeping pod
    other hole

    saar levin, 2013-11-22 16:25:59

    wait what ……… @_@ O_O “_” *_* awsome

    TsuQ, 2013-11-22 18:15:30

    I kept trying to use “exa”, as an examine shortcut during the text adventure segment, but that doesn’t work… l works instead for look (at), but I kept using exa anyway =P… Weird I still have a habit command for text adventures when I haven’t played one for ages =I

    santiago, 2013-11-22 18:59:28

    i figured out the secret, when you have the dragon, go down until you go to the bottom of the pond. there are a billion fruits

    Guy, 2013-11-22 20:55:36

    enter fetal position

    pillsburypillpopper, 2013-11-22 22:06:24

    bug porn! ;_; its all over now

    Arenter, 2013-11-22 22:10:44


    nathan, 2013-11-23 00:03:45

    oh man what a great game i just wished the sound had worked the first time around. oh no i’ve been playing this for two hours i need to sleep

    johnrocker237, 2013-11-23 08:31:36

    At the Text-Based game:
    Turn Knob. That was just an example. There are no knobs in space.
    Enter Phone Booth. That was just an example. There are phone booths in space.
    Doctor Who reference? I think yes!

    that guy, 2013-11-23 19:20:50

    I need help on the part where it wont let you sleep

    Haurang, 2013-11-24 05:07:24

    Duh Deh Duhduh Deeeh

    Some Guy, 2013-11-24 18:30:45

    How Do You Do The Wire Bit?

    Nerd3 Sent me, 2013-11-25 21:23:14

    ERMAGERD. BEST GAME EVERRRRRRR!!!! If your reading this, think of the best game you ever played, go ahead i’ll give a few minutes. Go ahead. . . . ok i’m assuming your back. Whatever game you though of, multiply the SHEER AWESOMENESS LEVEL BY 100,000,000,000,000,000 and you’ll have 1/2 ;D, of this game!

    Joel, 2013-11-26 22:57:20

    Friggin’ awesome. Hilarious twists. Oh, and those stuck on the wire stuff, the answer is in the same room.

    zzz, 2013-11-27 10:46:36


    keira, 2013-11-30 13:32:11

    IT WON’T LET ME PLAY!!!! D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D: D:

    Patrick, 2013-12-03 16:34:35


    Lewissssss, 2013-12-08 08:38:10


    fred, 2013-12-09 15:11:18

    I have a boner right now and I want to watch bug porn now

    Finalnoob5, 2013-12-16 19:06:57

    Bug porn? LOL!

    campbelltron, 2013-12-18 23:36:08

    where did this sandwich come from

    Heyhey, 2013-12-19 13:12:13

    LOL just found out you can dive underwater and get like a billion fruits

    camillako, 2013-12-20 05:52:49

    mute button?

    frank, 2013-12-26 15:09:12

    this was fucking easy man. killer music by the way. bug porn heh-heh

    aleah, 2014-01-03 12:10:59

    david s why u do this 2 me

    dat human, 2014-01-04 07:12:05

    dem sexy credits

    Thalamus, 2014-01-07 10:46:45

    It’s like looking into the face of God…

    Thadeus Locke, 2014-01-07 11:54:29

    This game is literally the biggest waste of time. I wated ten minutes of my hard earned time to play this game thinking that I would get batter at math and this shit didn’t fucking help one god damn bit and Im a junior in high school on honor roll…

    Thadeus Locke, 2014-01-07 11:56:16

    I cant even spell correctly because I’m so pissed!!~ ^^

    so much yes, 2014-01-15 20:00:15

    so much yes-nes

    Nilloc, 2014-01-16 21:28:05

    I love the game! Only one suggestion put it on mobile

    humpyHedonist, 2014-01-19 12:37:41

    HOLY DONKEYBALLS. This game is AMAZEBALLS!!! At first I was like whoooooaaah…but then I was like Whooaah!?…and then I was like WHOOOAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!! WHAT THE FUCK EVEN!

    MrModeste, 2014-01-23 13:04:54

    Does the comment section really exist ?
    Was everything made up by the creator ?
    Do I exist ?
    What am I made of.. is it bugs ? AM I MADE OF BUGS ?

    Matthew, 2014-01-23 19:56:26

    Wow, lots of bugs. Almost as much as my crotch, amirite? *wink*

    Jasa Web Desain, 2014-01-24 14:32:04

    Funny game, this game flash right?
    Why you dont create in HTML5 Version?

    Machete, 2014-01-28 17:50:01

    I was under various influences when I tried this game the first time and my brain ran away. I missed it terribly, but only in the sense that I had the slightest awareness to know I could not complete the game without it, and completing the game was what i wanted. 2nd attempt (actually mostly sober) worked out better. Awesome game. Well done. Nice use of insect pics (especially the Saturniid moth judge. Was it an Atlas? I didn’t get a good enough look before the arrows and button mashing)

    Machete, 2014-01-28 17:55:56

    Yep, she’s an Atlas. Got a better look in chapter select. I’d recognize those serpentine wing tips anywhere. She’s a beauty too… way too classy for bug porn ;)

    DEAD, 2014-01-31 09:09:03

    Please add co-op mode.

    Tarvis, 2014-02-09 11:52:20

    I was a virgin before I played this game.

    Thomas, 2014-02-17 20:56:25

    This game makes me forget about all the shit in the world and think, “thank god I live in this time.” I love the internet and the technology that makes games like this possible. Fraction Frogs has restored my faith in humanity, thank you for this wonderful experience.

    Indigoroger, 2014-02-19 21:26:50

    “Obtain the dragon and go below what lies ahead”

    Colin, 2014-02-21 10:48:44

    im gay as fuck

    Zane, 2014-02-23 08:30:42

    So cool.

    Austin Dewayne, 2014-03-01 12:17:04


    Tad, 2014-03-06 16:04:39

    Is this going to be Oculus Rift compatible?

    deusx_ophc, 2014-03-10 14:46:46

    i love the gimballed weapons though. and the dragon, is it ruled by a newtonian flight model?!

    Kana, 2014-03-10 15:01:57

    WAT… DA…. FUQ?!…

    I nearly died at the.. frogporngamethingy… had to turn off my sound xP

    Sorbo, 2014-03-10 15:09:46

    Here’s to beard #2 *raises glass*

    J, 2014-03-10 15:57:36


    mojitopanda, 2014-03-10 18:20:35

    This was exactly what I wasn’t expecting. 28 out of 7 for sure! And now text-based adventures are my favorite thing!

    Anonymous cartoonist, 2014-03-11 12:46:28

    Super Best Friends Podcast brought me here

    MOOGSI, 2014-03-11 16:25:41

    I learnt so much about denominators and boxing! Edutainment at its very finest.

    Terezi Pyrope, 2014-03-12 00:21:29

    Literally the greatest game of our time and any time to come or ever come to be.
    The sequel can only be better.

    butts mcgee, 2014-03-13 03:26:03

    This certainly taught me how to math! I am looking forward to the sequel with bated breath.

    Cykodelik, 2014-03-13 08:47:05

    The sound cut out after a bit for me, is it because I switched tabs and cheated?

    phillipePhillipe, 2014-03-13 14:39:35

    i am moist 69/10

    Gilgazerks, 2014-03-14 13:38:48

    1/10 Not enough fractions.. So there’s another fraction

    Kyro, 2014-03-16 01:20:24

    This is a masterpiece! Really enjoyed it. Thank you for making it. Worth sticking around til the end. So much to uncover :)

    MinnuteWalt, 2014-03-17 00:34:11

    Words cannot properly express the level of craftsmanship on display here. The elegant gameplay from the emergent dynamics, AAA graphics and sound, and the poignant but subtle commentary on the state of the industry and the modern sociopolitical climate, all made me forget that I was also learning about fractions at the same time.

    I am now going to the Kickstarter for FF2, and giving Twinbeard all of my tax return money.

    channellehazel, 2014-03-17 03:06:17

    I think I liked it.

    John, 2014-03-17 10:41:50

    quit at the text adventure, you need an option like “I hate text adventures” so we can skip to something else

    x, 2014-03-17 11:35:00

    PRetty aweSOME well dun

    wrave, 2014-03-17 12:17:36

    Splendid and wonderful. Even better than Indian Joe; and that’s really saying something.

    dan, 2014-03-18 21:02:16

    I’m going to eat so many bugs, they’re all gonna be like, “woah, I just got eaten”

    jerry spellman, 2014-03-19 21:22:46

    i had my class play this

    DERPYCOOLER, 2014-03-21 17:50:56


    UnSubject, 2014-03-22 10:46:42

    I was going to Kickstarter the sequel, but then I saw how the devs had totally sold out on the whole fractions concept by using a whole number in the title. FOR SHAME U ARE EVERYTHING THAT IS WRONG WITH AAA GAMING.

    FazZ, 2014-03-25 22:24:58

    Two billion to give us Oculus back …easy …hopefully []?__?]

    Karim, 2014-03-26 14:29:38

    This game is hilarious! amazing!! I loved the underwater level and the 2 Billion fruits for the Oculus!!

    Zachary, 2014-03-26 18:05:56

    Your Government got problems? Print some money!

    Bull Froggy Frog, 2014-03-27 10:07:37

    This took an hour out of my day and was funny as hell!

    Dan, 2014-03-27 17:28:56

    That was special. Love the voices

    Mad max, 2014-03-28 10:57:55

    To be honest this is the most hilarious and funny game ive ever played in my PC next to the stanley parable experiment .. insanely awesome .. I sincerely hope that frog fractions 2 will be the GOTY of 2014 ..

    Demo_Exp, 2014-03-28 11:27:38

    :-D Wow. I think it’s pretty hysterical! Going underwater and getting “like a billion” fruits, I’m wanting to play through it again to make sure that I did not miss anything after bug mars. I went down in the water instead of trying to fly into the sky on Mars. I think this game is wonderfully random, and was not necessarily meant to be super educational, but it will hold the attention span of ADHD kids. There is something new for them to explore around every corner. The shoutout to the text base and DDR aspect of the adventure was hysterical too. Do the unexpected!

    Matt Brand, 2014-03-28 13:29:01

    Wow, this is brilliant. How did I not hear of this until just now?

    TQM, 2014-03-29 00:00:38

    If I was wearing a hat, I’d take it off. Awesome game!

    Axum, 2014-03-30 12:24:53

    Amazing game, Make sure to fund the Frog Fractions 2 kickstater people.

    Trevor, 2014-04-02 08:55:33

    [This is the “out of order” note included in your game packet}

    Brilliant attention to details!

    RIval, 2014-04-02 16:37:45

    Oh, man! Can’t get pass the ninth wave

    Violent Lee, 2014-04-03 18:24:00

    That’s a lot of hoops to jump through just for some bug porn. Then it’s pixelated to boot! Often in the proper area?!
    I still got my frogs off…

    Toaster, 2014-04-05 20:31:22

    I’m not even gonna lie, I used a walkthrough on that text adventure. I have no experience with them, and actually going through one would be masochistic.

    dempy21, 2014-04-06 13:55:07

    go to bug mars a go under water its infinite

    TTLBreakChicago, 2014-04-14 21:49:51

    That was fucking spectacular. Thank you.

    REX, 2014-04-15 20:28:02

    I have 0 words for that game, probably the most fucked up game Ive ever played. 100/10 would play through again.

    Roy02, 2014-04-16 11:06:46

    holy shit i’m a fractions MASTER NOW!

    69 lover, 2014-04-17 06:36:23

    What a stjewpid gajm

    Omar Said, 2014-04-17 07:39:12

    Epic abenture

    Dan, 2014-04-18 21:56:19

    Without a doubt the best game I have ever played

    Rollie, 2014-04-19 18:12:06

    Frog Fractions has changed my life. I have never gotten so many frog bitches in my life before. Static cling tongue is OP as shit and got all of the froggy bitches wet as it pulled them into the water and it drives them cray cray when they don’t get their fix. You don’t need Durians I mean what the fuck is a durian fruit I’ve never heard of that faggy ass shit just roll up with some apples on your turtle ride and them bitches will be hoppin’ in like I got flies stuck to my back or something. I got my voice modulated to speak Italian, swagged over in my dancing shoes and showed off my work visa. The girls were leaking through their panties and I took them all to my presidential swimming pool. Best night ever. All thanks to Frog Fractions.

    Broken Heatsink, 2014-04-24 08:20:05

    This adventure game, it even allows suicide after getting lost in space.

    Adrian AD, 2014-04-24 12:13:56

    That was… beautiful… I’m sad I only discovered this after the Kickstarter finished

    John, 2014-04-24 13:20:24


    Spiderman90, 2014-04-25 11:23:06

    This game is kinda fun

    Yes, 2014-04-25 16:42:30


    Bacca Man, 2014-05-01 16:30:38

    Bawes games ever

    Dan, 2014-05-02 19:21:55

    This game makes no sense. How could somebody who saw a boxing match in 1637 still be alive today?

    Tezz, 2014-05-03 06:53:33

    under is where it’s wet! Damn…..

    cody, 2014-05-03 17:13:25

    This game is 10/10…see I’m already learning fractions. Made it to the end, worth it.

    Colin, 2014-05-06 10:44:50

    Stonewall “bug” Jackson. I have never bugged a bug like this before.

    TheJeli, 2014-05-06 12:51:48

    So sick. Still hate the text adventure part though.

    Rossmoss, 2014-05-08 13:57:16

    I fucking beat it fuck all of you I’m the greatest of all time space frog cadet president fucked your wife fuck you

    cheese, 2014-05-09 23:35:23

    i feel like a porn director

    Md Alamin, 2014-05-11 02:25:09

    I finished it. Wow, crazy stuff!

    Spelling shnatzi, 2014-05-12 11:54:26

    Typo found: “…invisble vents”

    ?, 2014-05-14 09:00:39

    Im so happy that I was able to fraction my frogs today! Thank you twinbeard!

    Dibzcraft, 2014-05-15 19:58:26

    Gonna do an lp on my famous yt channel mrgoten1414. The amount of fractions hurt a little! But i pushed through and fractioned up a bitch!

    BugPorn, 2014-05-20 14:17:57

    Such Random Much Awesome

    Craig, 2014-05-30 14:57:44

    I’m telling all my friends (both of them) if you only play one mathematical-amphibian-porn-empire-simulator game this year. They should make it this one.

    scalpod, 2014-05-31 23:40:30

    Moving between the US and the UK as a child I missed learning about fractions in school and wound up having to teach myself this difficult mathematical concept. If only I’d had Frog Fractions! Bless you good sirs for providing us such brilliantly intuitive edutainment.

    Horn, 2014-06-04 12:39:30

    Who would have known, that a game ccould redefine quantum mechanics.

    Nicholas, 2014-06-05 20:36:55

    Loved the upgrade to pacify the population, and maxing out the reserve and make lots of bug porn

    bobby good, 2014-06-06 17:44:51

    i love math now

    Why can i lick this :(, 2014-06-14 10:31:37

    Well apart from not being able to lick goop, or wires, or cans…well anything during the typing portion when i was obviously hungry!…tis a great lil game, killed around 15mins the first time and played through it again to see how fast it was once realized what needed done so not a bad 20min time killer overall. I really don’t get the boxing reference and the first time i played it the sound ‘bugged’ out so all i could hear was frog noises, i’m not going to lie i actually think i’m now part frog a fly started buzzing around my screen and the temptation to eat it was almost too hard for me to resist.

    kenny, 2014-06-16 15:07:56


    Locke Cole, 2014-06-19 05:02:04

    That was the best game ever!

    Padraig, 2014-07-09 15:05:33

    This was beautiful. I got stuck for a bit till I figured out I had to look at the display.

    Digipatd, 2014-07-10 19:06:02

    I love this.

    The Complainer, 2014-07-10 22:09:44

    Okay, now I’m deaf. Ever hear of a volume control?

    Yells at clouds, 2014-07-17 07:35:10

    This was so stupid. This is what happens when children in the “Everyone gets a trophy” generation decide to make a game and that same generation writes the reviews. They think everything they do is awesome no matter how untalented they truly are.

    Benji-Kun, 2014-07-19 20:00:10

    Ahhhhh, frog fractions. Why must you end this way? Really, really interesting game. Good? Much better than that.

    Jilliam, 2014-07-20 22:00:07

    eff yeah!

    bebobli, 2014-07-23 01:06:53

    Hey, it detected and displayed my keyboard as Dvorak, but was in QWERTY mode! Using OSX.7 . I can test it in Linux as well, if you like, just shoot me a mail. I had to use the QWERTY switch to play.

    Johne649, 2014-07-27 21:45:54

    Keep working ,impressive job! kddbekfgcded

    Vegalyp, 2014-08-02 09:06:53

    Best spent time of the summer. GG WP.

    diana, 2014-08-13 20:11:29

    Tyrian reference <3

    hackmastergeneral, 2014-08-22 10:44:23

    You really gotta be pro at a 360noscoperocketjump to finish the final boss. Great game! 100/10 would not play again

    best double stroller 2014, 2014-08-24 05:12:18

    Awesome article.

    DatHarass, 2014-08-24 20:23:47

    what did I just play, haha.

    Kylie, 2014-09-02 15:42:06

    not sure if stupid or art. can it be both?

    Juan, 2014-09-11 02:57:29

    I lke frooghs

    Juan, 2014-09-11 02:58:30


    Gallade, 2014-09-13 09:10:27

    One does not simply fraction a frog. First you must learn to frog the fraction.

    עמירם, 2014-09-14 03:35:43


    SekaiDE, 2014-09-15 22:03:51

    best shit i’ve ever played

    Bobby Shmurda, 2014-09-17 11:57:58

    Caught a body bought a week ago after playing this shit

    Jason, 2014-09-17 12:11:13

    Greatest game of all time.
    I laughed, I cried, I stared in disbelief.
    I lived.

    Clint Beastwood, 2014-09-28 09:02:09

    This is my game of the year 2014. If you don’t find the secret, don’t look it up. Spend 30 minutes like i did on every single secret in the game. It’s worth it in the end, i got bug porn and Like a billion fruits.

    Clint Beastwood, 2014-09-28 09:03:00

    This is my game of the year 2014.
    If you don’t find the secret, don’t look it up.
    Spend 30 minutes like i did on every single secret in the game.
    It’s worth it in the end.

    JplDoes Mc, 2014-09-30 07:23:09

    This… This is just Awesome

    dashiegames, 2014-10-10 11:05:38

    this game is kind of good

    ebola, 2014-10-12 15:48:39

    Cool game

    idk69, 2014-10-13 19:43:51

    End credits are the best (and most underrated) part

    hydrogenatedcheese, 2014-10-21 15:30:13

    im lost in the spaceship console
    can someone help me?

    MrFancyPants, 2014-10-31 09:18:49

    Better than Zelda:OOT

    MrFancyPants, 2014-10-31 09:19:04

    Better than Zelda: OOT

    Shaun, 2014-10-31 12:34:39

    We love Frog Fractions. It taught me how to be a real person. And affirmed my love for man boxing.

    John, 2014-11-08 06:29:52


    Math, 2014-12-02 21:52:22

    Having instructions would have saved me some time…

    s, 2015-01-12 23:13:28

    Shut up!

    You two are not only horrible parents, you’re violent criminals, and I’m gonna lock you up till frogs do fractions.

    leginger, 2015-01-21 08:36:06

    10/10 Game of the Year, Better than Assassins Creed: Unity,
    Would play again

    NahManacles, 2015-01-21 14:01:50

    I’m excited to play this.

    Fraction Frogeneer, 2015-01-21 21:22:09

    Did Pat bring you here?

    im gay, 2015-01-24 18:08:30

    like if pewdiepie sent you here xD

    BJC, 2015-01-24 18:13:23

    Thank you.

    davi, 2015-01-27 13:44:20

    I was typing a comment , and then I had to restart the game, I was at the interactive fiction part. I guess you don’t expect people to stop playing, but a save feature would’ve been nice.

    davi, 2015-01-27 13:45:05

    never mind, i didn’t notice the chapter select, I’m just a dumbass

    Jordan, 2015-02-05 18:48:48

    OMG Best game ever 10/10 LOVE YOU TWINBEARDS

    bob, 2015-02-05 18:55:54

    ryan is a noob

    Lana, 2015-02-17 06:33:20


    MadHaTr, 2015-02-19 18:42:50

    This was referenced on reddit I showed up, tried it out. Hopped away a porn industry tycoon.

    Beat it.

    GPalaziol, 2015-02-20 11:36:32

    Glorious!!!! Mind blowing!!!! Thanks!!!!!!

    Dicky McFuckbag, 2015-02-23 13:41:20

    me ruv di gam
    01100110 01110101 01100011 01101011 00100000 01101101 01111001 00100000 01110000 01110101 01110011 01110011 01111001 01100110 01110101 01100011 01101011 00100000 01101101 01111001 00100000 01110000 01110101 01110011 01110011 01111001 01100110 01110101 01100011 01101011 00100000 01101101 01111001 00100000 01110000 01110101 01110011 01110011 01111001

    Bahh, 2015-03-04 13:59:19


    Sam, 2015-03-09 10:47:39

    um , haha! sweet! i play this gaem in math xD. Mai techr let I ply it in clas! haha so rANdoM xDDDDDDDDDDDD

    Ben, 2015-03-09 10:48:58

    01100110 01110101 01100011 01101011 00100000 01101101 01111001 00100000 01110000 01110101 01110011 01110011 01111001 01100110 01110101 01100011 01101011 00100000 01101101 01111001 00100000 01110000 01110101 01110011 01110011 01111001 01100110 01110101 01100011 01101011 00100000 01101101 01111001 00100000 01110000 01110101 01110011 01110011 01111001
    haha so rANDOm look @ this fUNI TXT XDDD

    Frog, 2015-03-09 15:31:11

    What if this is frog fractions 2 and they updated it and no one noticed

    Nick Grenn, 2015-03-11 08:29:27


    Nick Grenn, 2015-03-11 08:29:47

    Jet fuel cant melt dank memes.

    Nick Grenn, 2015-03-11 08:30:49

    Email me for a good time ;P

    teen patti download, 2015-03-18 07:46:12

    What a stuff of un-ambiguity and preserveness of valuable know-how concerning unpredicted feelings.

    Dankey Kang, 2015-03-25 04:04:05

    what a dank meme. It helps me learn fractions.

    Murf, 2015-03-25 23:34:32

    would molest/10

    cant wait for dlc

    ryongho, 2015-03-26 00:35:00

    a href=” lol dank meme”

    pooperbutt, 2015-04-01 18:24:06

    the tickling feeling in the walls of my anus

    Jordan Glock, 2015-04-02 23:14:10

    I don’t know what feeling is stronger, fun, or confusion…

    Oliver What a Twist, 2015-04-10 09:14:43

    Frayctioned frogland woof woof bug porn.

    Captain Obvious, 2015-04-13 07:23:20

    To everyone who is stuck

    Fly. Down.

    JakeOfAllTrades, 2015-04-15 07:51:32

    All I can say is…wow.

    Energya, 2015-04-17 15:08:51

    I just got lost in the waters below Mars or something. No idea how I got there, but it had to do something with avoiding a labor sentence

    remghoost, 2015-04-24 03:45:01

    Bravo. I have just recently discovered this game. Brilliant work.
    Curiosity is a great track.
    Never knew how modern boxing came to be. Thanks for that, I guess.

    weeen, 2015-05-01 20:06:51

    I didn’t think I had a purpose in life until I found this game. Now I know I have to defeat all frogs.

    THE MAN, 2015-05-03 22:11:39

    what do I do in the command module?

    zazu, 2015-05-04 23:45:25

    This was the most retarded game I have ever played in my life. At no point did this game resemble anything close to a entertaining game worth spending time on. I award this game 0/6th points, and may god have mercy on its soul.

    HEIL HYDRA, 2015-05-30 12:49:02


    Avi, 2015-06-12 15:22:31

    Holy fucking shit, that was probably the best hour of my life – overtaking sex by a million miles

    The Frog Fraction Frog, 2015-08-07 10:02:36

    I’m better than CoD.

    Ser Swaggerback, 2015-08-07 15:06:23

    ^ Very true.

    Tris90190, 2015-08-10 09:23:12

    YESSSSSS I BEAT FROG FRACTIONS yesssssssssssssssssss

    zyveco, 2015-08-17 13:47:58

    nice game bro! the wire part was a pain in the ass, but awesome!

    Darlo, 2015-08-24 00:58:26

    Seriously … awesome game dude!

    lukas, 2015-08-31 13:59:48

    How do you play this game? Just eat the bugs???

    Nameless, 2015-09-04 11:31:17

    How do I get zorkmids and get past that wire part?

    Cathulhu, 2015-09-21 09:31:45

    Is this Frog Fractions 2?

    disk sexo, 2015-09-24 12:25:14

    like so challenging games difficult

    Snake, 2015-09-24 16:13:57

    Truly a weapon to surpass metal gear

    FrogKind, 2015-09-29 00:46:33

    This game….was something else. At first glance it was a simple bug-eating game as a frog, but once I upgraded to the dragon it became an intense narrative about more than just eating bugs. This game had one of the most powerful and moving story lines of any piece of narrative entertainment I’d ever experienced. A contender for GotY 2015.

    MINICOMIXX, 2015-09-29 10:22:37

    Finished the game, loved the nod to zork with moving the carpet and having the hatch underneath!

    Bobby, 2015-10-07 21:51:32

    So not worth to unlock all the automated targeting install/uninstall upgrades at the bug porn/lemonade part. Rest of game was pretty fun tho.

    Mega GFARTZ, 2015-10-13 19:10:52

    Yay FINNALY there is a excuse to have fun during maths class!

    Dracovis, 2015-10-14 15:21:01

    In the ship, next to the sleeping pod there is a nightstand.

    Look Nightstand
    Open Drawer
    Look Manual

    Now you can go to the panel up top and and enter ‘New Destination’.

    El, 2015-10-16 03:42:01

    Nice game but I guess it would be much interesting if it had many ending,Or it has??I donnu just Good Job Guys great game great idea of fractions!!!

    bxt, 2015-10-17 15:18:14

    What an unholy amalgam of retro genres… a brilliant concoction! bugs/bugs=bugs

    Thomas, 2015-10-23 15:17:02

    I can’t do the part where…
    How do I…
    What do you do when…
    I can’t figure out…
    When you get the turtle, go down.
    Once you’re eating bugs on mars, go down.

    Wire: Take the note and then take the electrical tape.
    “Use tape on wire”
    Once you have the coffee can, place it under the spigot.
    Then press the lever.
    Once you’re In cap quarters, say “Open night”
    Read the manual and change your destination.

    Bug Porn Part: make 100000000 zormkids and buy the swimming pool, the guess what you have to do.
    Just guess.
    Anyways, lmao’d first time i played this.

    kuroPhantom, 2015-10-25 22:27:23

    the text adventure took me forever to finish

    asgdyflhk.j, 2015-10-28 15:07:44


    dank memes, 2015-11-01 20:33:15

    that game was tight as shit yo

    Fresh, 2015-11-22 16:55:02

    Amazing! I made bug porn for like 10 minutes before I got to the pool!

    FreshLimes, 2015-11-22 16:56:07

    No wait, my name is FreshLimes!! Bug pooorrrrnnn!

    Yes-well, 2015-11-28 15:03:08

    Well sir, even years after you made it, this game is delivering sheer unadulterated novelty and joy. And in a way that is actually clever and enjoyable – and in the context of real game elements, not just mindless spasticity. So, I must commend you sir. The inclusion of Durians may have been the final touch. I am a Durian fiend, and it is a fairly obscure reference. I love this game wholly and unreservedly, and I look forward to the sequel.

    2016, 2016-01-18 06:10:25


    Hellyeah, 2016-01-27 11:02:04


    Enjoy. Lawlolawl, I’m such an immature idiot that can’t do anything else with their life.

    David, 2016-02-02 22:20:43


    person, 2016-02-16 12:14:49

    on the text adventure part what can I fuck

    person, 2016-02-16 12:19:03

    OMG type fuck self in the space ship

    Math Teacher, 2016-02-25 11:56:13

    After the success of Number Munchers, I spent my entire department budget on getting new computers and this game to teach our 4th grade class fractions.

    Needless to say I was fired.

    jimmy, 2016-03-03 15:01:35

    are the credits with the rock music the real ones? or is there more?

    Dank Memer, 2016-04-22 17:48:45

    best gam of year lmao

    FRAF, 2016-05-14 18:13:08

    titty sprinkles inspired me to complete the astounding creation that is and will always be Frog Fractions. Good luck discovering the sequel.

    Tripod, 2016-05-17 14:09:42

    I give it a solid 1/0

    sorceror, 2016-05-24 09:08:12

    Anyone tried “Fuck frog” command?
    It gives you some points at first, and says some bs after that :D

    meh, 2016-06-11 07:19:34

    Anyone see on the dragon when you go down you get a secret underwater area????

    Peartotype, 2016-07-20 23:24:18

    Bad times friend ahead. Maybe no computer. Maybe no home. I will go way but we are two of soul. I will return.

    Diego, 2016-08-03 11:10:44

    Best game I have ever played.

    Casper, 2016-09-15 04:43:52

    Wow. I never got past the bug eating upgrade part. Apparently you’re not even supposed to usually see the entire upgrade dialogue? I must be really shit at games. I’m too tired to try to get to the next part. I spent a lot of energy on the upgrade dialogue.

    Cainio, 2016-10-26 12:21:31

    is this frog fractions 2?

    Bob, 2016-11-04 20:12:22

    Wow great game. Beat the game, though I admit I got stuck for a while on the second to last step in the text adventure part.

    Alex, 2016-11-16 13:20:09

    Well, this was a neat little romp. I had a lot of fun with this one.

    Beuz, 2016-11-16 17:35:05

    So, a green frog with yellow top becomes president?
    Did you just predict president pepe?

    Beuz, 2016-11-16 17:36:33

    Praise kek!

    PersonMan, 2016-12-26 20:48:26

    Oh my, this game was amazing! Only place I got stuck was at the end where one of the items was purchasable, but still had the lock over it. Turns out I was able to buy it anyway…

    Hugo D (brazilian), 2016-12-27 15:29:41

    That’s was amazing !!! The frog, the space, the president EVERYTHING !!!

    Jason, 2016-12-27 20:57:44

    Thank god this game exists.

    Candyrainu, 2016-12-27 21:15:28

    still soooooo enjoyable

    Adam Smith, 2016-12-28 20:37:48

    So good. Glad I found out about this today =D

    cool guy, 2016-12-29 09:06:00

    xD so random!

    Genius, 2016-12-29 09:06:19

    impeach Trump on day 1

    POTATO, 2016-12-29 15:56:33

    it TOTALLY taught me something about fractions!

    Bug-E, 2016-12-30 01:23:09

    I… I have no words…

    Frostbite, 2016-12-31 23:20:31

    That was definitely an experience.

    Z3PE, 2017-01-02 14:11:39

    Lock-on rules!

    JK, 2017-01-03 12:15:18

    Here from the Jimquisition. I am impressed.

    Ruindur, 2017-01-04 17:36:15

    2.35 a.m. here, i loved every minute of this – whatever THIS was.
    Kudos. Creativity doesn’t get any better than this. I’m totally off to get Frog Fractions 2.

    bottsy, 2017-01-07 19:37:06

    I am so happy I finally played this (I can’t believe I’m saying it) seminal absurdist work of beauty(?). v fun v strange and that’s all i can ask for.

    Eric, 2017-01-16 12:15:02

    Haha, the padlock upgrade really confused me there for a bit. Insanely great.

    a mess, 2017-02-04 00:08:41

    now that i’ve finished the game there’s a frog fractions-shaped hole in my frog fractions-shaped heart

    Esteban, 2017-02-10 14:18:33

    Just wow

    Cal, 2017-02-13 14:24:19

    ˙ʎʇıʃɐǝɹ uo uoıʇdǝɔɹǝd ʎɯ pǝuƃɥɐɔ sɐɥ ǝɯɐƃ sıɥ⊥

    Sannai, 2017-02-23 21:18:34

    I have to say, I’ve never come across a game that is as random and impulsive as this, yet also very understated and not flashy. 10/10 would fuck myself to get fractions of points again.

    memelord, 2017-02-27 18:43:50

    Pretty much the best frog game ever existed. Came from Carl Sagan himself.

    your mom, 2017-03-03 02:44:06

    This game is dangerous to minors and should be banned. My son played this game and then drove his cousin’s step father’s car into a tree. coincidence? Not a fucking chance. Death to the game’s creators!

    Bastian Jerome, 2017-03-09 19:05:35

    I´m actualy going to use this to learn the dvorak keyboard. Thank god backspace is the same, or this would be a mess.

    deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez, 2017-03-13 10:34:43


    The Real Vorêt, 2017-03-16 05:49:15

    Teach children the dangers of marketing porn during severe weather. Teach them before they learn the hard way.

    WesC, 2017-04-03 11:21:09

    Literally almost as good as frogger.

    The Greatest, 2017-04-03 16:37:23

    I think I kinda understand fractions now?

    Nota, 2017-04-08 06:57:50

    yeah, really interesting! i love it.

    manisha, 2017-04-12 02:16:07

    for more information visit this iste.

    jiji, 2017-04-20 03:07:07

    i can’t tell if the end screen or the bandcamp or the documentary or my own haunted past contain any hints about where frog fractions 2 is, i’m not going to look anything up and try to figure it out myself

    also i really want to read the out of order piece of paper

    jiji, 2017-04-20 03:42:55

    side note; jesus this game is so good

    when i was president asking to distribute funds for bug porn, i got my calculator and put 2M / 10k (coulda probably done it myself lmao) but i had the moment of “oh my god this game actually tricked me into using math.” then i pressed enter and i had used the entire nation’s funds on ONLY the megabytes of porn w/o leaving money to actually advertise it LMAO

    also i weirdly empathized with trump (and his entire lack of knowledge of the job title) on how my decisions were effecting the economy

    this game has thrown me for a fucking loop

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