“Every accomplishment I do is outweighed by the need to do more. And my mistakes never go away, they just glare at me forever, even though they’re small and meaningless. There’s not even points. It just gets harder to see and slower to get things done until finally you don’t want to go on.”
-Patrick Newnan

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    iWinRar, 2011-11-19 22:42:17


    It is truly futile to win!

    Mike, 2012-10-25 03:08:27


    Norgg, 2012-10-25 13:23:59

    That eagle.

    required, 2012-10-25 19:47:11


    I give up.

    Nit, 2012-10-27 13:13:04

    Oh my god, this has got to be the hardest game I’ve ever played. Sincerely.

    Eth, 2012-10-27 18:05:55

    At 0.093 I truly began to wonder how much time I’ve spent on this http://i.imgur.com/NLqLK.png

    I WON, 2012-10-27 22:27:36

    I won the horizontal way (and afterwards the vertical way). It goes up to an aspect ratio of about 0.38, and as the blocks get smaller, the colours of the blocks also get closer to grey, until you can’t see anything, to get things to go faster (because generally you’ll be waiting for the I block or the square block) it’s helpful to have towers so you can dispose of unwanted blocks faster. and you might want to use zoom closer to the end because DAMN, THOSE BLOCKS ARE HARD TO SEE.

    Jim, 2012-10-27 22:49:56

    I’m impressed! I wasn’t sure it was possible to beat it going horizontally.

    ubercaek, 2012-10-28 10:42:47

    Had to zoom the browser to 200% for the size, but ultimately gave up when things got too gray. Lots of fun. http://i.imgur.com/PQ9Ve.png

    RavenMac, 2012-10-28 15:12:46

    Have been going for about an hour. Goin’ to work now, but will try to get it wider.

    RavenMac, 2012-10-28 15:14:08

    >.> daing tag didn’t work.
    Here’s the pic.

    The ratio was about 0.0625

    Michael, 2012-10-28 16:29:58

    at .05 I started to wonder what I was doing with my life.<a href="http://imgur.com/bFCWD.png&quot; "http://imgur.com/bFCWD.png&quot;

    pimptav, 2012-10-28 22:32:44

    such a great stress release game…
    its so addicting…its ultimate tetris…but 1000x better

    Aescula, 2012-10-29 03:25:08

    Congratulations, you’ve managed to combine simplicity and Minecraft-like addictiveness.

    Prios, 2012-10-30 19:47:31

    This game better captures the spirit of Russia than the original Tetris does.

    On a related note, here is my favorite Russian joke: an old woman was sitting on a park bench in Russia, reading a teach-yourself-Hebrew book. A friend asked her, why was she learning Hebrew? She said that she was old and so she wanted to learn the language of Heaven, to prepare for the hereafter. Her friend asked, well, what happens if you don’t go to Heaven, but to the other place? The old woman said that this was quite possible, but that she already spoke Russian anyway.

    Jari, 2012-10-31 02:21:17

    Hey I think I found a bug with your game. I managed to complete it. Turns out life isn’t futile – it’s just a matter of thinking outside the box and pursuing your definition of life’s goals, not those imposed by someone else. Here’s a screenshot of the end screen. http://i.imgur.com/rGg77.png

    Jim, 2012-10-31 02:30:42

    This man gets it.

    Halsted Larsson, 2012-11-01 07:29:46

    I am a part of all that I have met;
    Yet all experience is an arch wherethrough
    Gleams that untravelled world, whose margin fades
    For ever and for ever when I move.
    How dull it is to pause, to make an end,
    To rust unburnished, not to shine in use!
    As though to breathe were life. Life piled on life
    Were all too little, and of one to me
    Little remains: but every hour is saved
    From that eternal silence, something more,
    A bringer of new things; and vile it were
    For some three suns to store and hoard myself,
    And this grey spirit yearning in desire
    To follow knowledge like a sinking star,
    Beyond the utmost bound of human thought.

    – Alfred, Lord Tennyson. Ulysses (excerpt)

    Algebraist, 2012-11-02 10:25:37

    Jari, thank you. That was beautiful. I haven’t been that inspired since Denzel coached the Titans. I’m going to get back outside the box and bend Life over it.

    sjm1834, 2012-11-02 22:41:36

    Can Anyone tell me the name of the song that is playing in the game? It sounds so familiar and it’s driving me and my roommate crazy.

    Jim, 2012-11-02 23:33:00


    someone, 2012-11-10 10:47:52

    ate aspect ratio is the hight compared to the whith,
    not the size of the playing area.

    die forever, 2012-11-11 17:56:11

    I hope whoever made this game gets every kind of cancer as well as elephant AIDS.

    HELP, I NEED SOMEBODY, 2012-11-12 12:41:39


    devin, 2012-11-12 19:36:18

    build UPWARDS

    Sarah, 2012-11-12 23:02:32

    So, after you get it wide enough, eventually the game ends. Maybe I didn’t get a single line ever, but I’m satisfied with having “beat” Futilitris.

    Not being able to see tiny blocks covered by a grey fog made me want to hurt someone though. Specifically, myself.

    Spooky Chris, 2012-11-12 23:25:31

    Beat it

    Me, 2012-11-13 00:53:27

    I got up to http://i96.photobucket.com/albums/l194/Aayugara/futilitris.png and then I quit because I didn’t think it would ever end. But then I came back and found out you can just stack them http://i96.photobucket.com/albums/l194/Aayugara/futilitris2.png AND WIN SUPER FAST http://i96.photobucket.com/albums/l194/Aayugara/futilitris3.png

    tinkerttoy, 2012-11-13 15:51:05

    Haha, this game is actually pretty fun if you want it to be.

    someone, 2012-11-13 16:21:38

    I actually won the game by doing horizontal rows.

    I don’t have proof at all, so don’t believe me if you don’t want.

    I will say at a point I got tired of the biased generator and misplaced a block to shortcut a row, making the last few lines hell.

    Tchaikovsky, 2012-11-13 19:19:29

    Please tell me the name for the piece used as background music. I can’t remember its name.

    Americayeaaaahhhhh, 2012-11-13 20:14:21


    Lain, 2012-11-14 14:15:39

    0.6 …. @.@

    Paddy, 2012-11-14 16:08:25

    Can’t quite believe…


    Name, 2012-11-15 15:15:18

    the aspect ratio ends at 8.25

    Scoopicus, 2012-11-17 18:58:32

    So after playing this for roughly two hours and finally beating it, I think I get what this game is all about.

    The game itself represents life. Every time the screen expands, it’s symbolic of you getting older. At first the game/life is very easy, but as time carries on it gets harder. Life keeps getting harder and harder and you just want to quit, but if and when you finally win you feel more accomplished than you ever did over the entire course of it. The mistakes you make never go away and they always stare back at you, but in most cases they only affect you for a short little bit. Quitting the game because it’s too hard or tedious for you is metaphorical suicide.

    That said, this is probably the most frustrating game I’ve ever played in my entire life and I have no desire to ever again now that I’ve beaten it. Which is probably also a metaphor.

    Vivi, 2012-11-18 13:14:09

    Well. That wasn’t very hard, just patience-trying. Beat it horizontally with an aspect ratio of about 0.056 on the second try, after using the first try to learn the rules. (I think the limit is the number of horizontal space increase steps, so people who build high will end on a higher aspect ratio.)

    My main problem was that the blocks come quite slow, so at the end when they have to fall so far, it’s pretty much a waiting game.

    Hyaku, 2012-11-26 13:48:53

    0.05, That’s it, I thought to myself. I can’t see anything, even though I’ve zoomed in. I’m placing one last block then I’m leaving, never to come back. But believe it or not, that block was actually my last. I won the game at 0.05 aspect ratio!

    theleopard, 2012-12-06 18:30:38

    the developer is a sick sonovabitch

    Paul, 2012-12-25 08:23:05

    This is awesome! Love the music!

    Russell, 2012-12-28 17:00:19

    You know, it isn’t that you made a Tetris variant… it is that you managed to come up with one nobody thought of before. At this point, I didn’t this that was possible. Of course, I never approached game design from the: “How about we see what we can do to motivate people to jump off a bridge… and disguise it as fun?” … angle either. ;-)

    Good job! (Now, where was that bridge?)

    gareth r.d, 2013-01-14 00:45:34

    this is clearly your best game in a sick in the mind way

    gareth r.d, 2013-01-14 00:47:45

    also http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Alw5hs0chj0

    Oisin Connolly, 2013-01-27 06:53:32

    i wasn’t sure if it was possible to win horizontally so I gave up at about 0.26 and went skywards….wish I’d read the comments now. I would’ve carried on otherwise.
    Awesome Idea though

    Maverik, 2013-02-02 10:07:43

    I think the main problem this game has is that there’s a ratio. It defeats the purpose as outlined by that quote. That you just keep playing receiving no points or reward until you give up.

    But you are getting points. You ARE being rewarded. By having the aspect ratio displayed, you are essentially turning it into a skinner box fortitude test. Rather than a mindless march until your soul shatters.

    Great concept. I just feel like it would have been improved by that one change.

    GIRakaCHEEZER, 2013-03-27 11:07:25


    This is my best score/lowest aspect ratio. It’s currently the best one? I don’t feel like trying for a better one though (gets so hard to see near the end).

    AWESOMESAUCE309, 2013-05-08 17:00:38

    my natural Tetris ability was almost overrun by my crippiling fear of large multicolored objects

    myndzi, 2013-06-24 23:56:09


    Zimos, 2013-07-29 17:17:57

    Darn it all got to aspect .4 and lost it due to a misclick! T.T

    dat-eyebrows, 2013-08-16 14:55:50


    My aspect ratio broke and I was just. Done. So done.
    Maybe I’ll leave the tab open and do more later. Now I’m going to go cry in a corner.

    phylwx, 2013-09-28 11:49:21

    I couldn’t play anymore at 0.096491 because i was unabel to see anything :(

    Rose, 2013-10-01 13:53:16

    Beat it in under a minute. I know how you think. ;)

    J, 2013-10-01 17:58:20

    Where can I get this absolute masterpiece of a song? I mean the 8-Bit version, not the original slavonic march.

    Jim, 2013-10-05 15:37:16

    Hey, J! You can find my arrangement of the Slavonic March as a bonus track on the Frog Fractions soundtrack: http://frogfractions.bandcamp.com/

    SurferClock, 2013-10-10 13:44:21

    The game starts, and I’m expecting a fun, upbeat game of Tetris…boy was I in for a shock when the SIDES start clearing! But I settled in, and played…

    …aaaand played.

    …and played.

    It turned from “let’s apply my best Tetris practices” to “I CAN’T DO THIS ANY MORE!” Got down to about .56 or something like that before it wore on me. I am a determined individual, but between the slightly depressing music and pondering the futility of it all, I just couldn’t bring myself to finish and, in fact, began to loathe myself for putting up with it for as long as I did.

    Not sure I’ll be able to play Tetris again for a while, not without coming back to thoughts of this.

    Yuurg, 2013-11-22 15:51:40

    I tried for a few minutes, gave up, tried to kill myself by stacking the blocks to the top of the screen, IT DIDN’T EVEN LET ME DO THAT.

    Isto, 2014-01-02 04:09:23

    The music is March Slav by Tchaikowsky.

    Nixonitus, 2014-02-01 22:05:23

    I stopped around 0.5487, after starting to have a mild existential crisis of imagining existence is just some edgy kid’s computer rendition of the futility of life.
    Figured I might’ve been going insane.

    MinnuteWalt, 2014-03-17 01:54:42

    You are a huge bastard troll, Jim. I hate you. Why did you do this to me?

    I won. Why did you make me do this?

    You suck.

    I want to have your babies.

    Bob (the builder), 2014-04-10 02:26:58

    This game gave me cancer

    Bob, 2014-04-10 02:34:00

    Yes indeed

    Andy, 2014-04-10 03:16:50

    When I heard the eagle it gave me some hope that it isn’t infinite. Had to zoom in real close at the end. That mesmerising music kept me going until I won at 0.092920 ^-^

    Bdbsj, 2014-04-10 03:18:33


    S Dawg, 2014-04-10 06:00:46




    Daryl, 2014-04-10 12:34:25


    MaxCrack, 2014-04-10 15:31:50

    HAH! I beat it. I had to zoom in super far and invert my colors, but I eventually got a credits splash screen and it stopped. It also deleted all my pieces so I couldn’t get a pic of my wall. It was over 250 steps wide.

    Peter, 2014-04-10 22:43:47


    Maarten, 2014-04-11 01:48:51


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    Samir, 2014-04-14 07:17:50


    arella, 2014-04-14 09:31:36

    My new goal is to see what happens if you build both outwards and upwards, never making a single hole and keeping as close to a 1.0 ratio as possible.

    E-man, 2014-04-14 09:53:15

    aside from the music being ripped STRAIGHT out of blaster master, good stuff.

    CYWKA, 2014-04-15 12:25:29


    firool, 2014-05-04 06:58:35

    I got nice points: 0.0444444

    and at the end I had 0.043859…
    but the best was here: 0.039130!!!


    Yuki, 2014-06-09 10:31:04


    _, 2014-06-21 15:40:47

    I got the “winning” screen…


    ntuni, 2014-06-30 21:51:16

    this is hell

    nedthemumbler, 2014-07-14 08:48:12

    To all those posting screenshots saying they “beat” the game, you actually lost. Not one of you completed a single row. You lost, and the credits rolled.

    tippyc, 2014-08-10 17:31:58


    RainbowDoubleDash, 2014-09-01 07:10:31

    I believe it’s completely possible to beat the game. Nowhere, after all, does it say that you have to complete a row.

    f, 2014-11-30 06:33:36

    Nice one. Two suggestions to speed things up:
    1. instant drop (e.g. space)
    2. instant move to left/right edge (e.g. Ctrl and Numpad 0), since most of the action happens at the edges.

    Thanks for creating and sharing this.

    Charley, 2015-02-22 01:21:09

    You know, I’m beginning to think you’re not supposed to beat this game, or something…

    TurboPotato, 2015-04-09 21:42:28

    Was playing legit the horizontal way until a really low aspect ratio, like .5 or .4, and it was getting grayer, slowly, and i didn’t think it was going to end, so I started just creating a tower to finish vertically. I kept going thinking I could lose that way but it just greyed out and credits? Now I want to go back and do it horizontally but omg the time…
    Also, really cool game!

    Name (required), 2015-05-30 07:41:58

    Won horizontaly with aspect ratio of 0.048245

    Jay the Day, 2015-07-06 16:39:37

    I didn’t give up… I just got bored going sideways and decided to spend my time building a city.


    Music, 2015-07-13 17:52:23

    music. I need. the music. i want

    Jim, 2015-07-17 20:59:46

    You can get it as part of the Frog Fractions soundtrack! http://frogfractions.bandcamp.com/

    sarysa, 2015-10-15 09:22:06

    0/10, aspect ratio wasn’t in fractions.

    Moosa, 2015-11-17 18:19:57


    the result of playing for 3 hours then making a mistake and rage quitting can u spot my mistake

    batman, 2015-11-22 03:39:22

    the night is getting long. there are no mistakes… except that i built higher than i needed to, before i realized the aspect ratio was determined only by the shape of the bricks you had placed.
    send pizza

    robin, 2015-12-21 08:04:20

    Oh man what year is it? I started playing in July of 2012 and I finally just finished.

    Name, 2016-01-27 03:35:15

    Can anyone tell me what this song is called?

    christine, 2016-02-21 21:24:42

    It’s very easy to find out any matter on net as compared to textbooks, as
    I found this post at this website.

    ghost, 2016-02-22 15:24:14

    my friend sent me this when i was sad bc i use tetris to destress and i was trying to find good bootleg ones bc the site i normally use wasnt loading properly

    now im more sad

    Robert, 2016-03-22 14:20:56

    So addicting. This has to be one of the best flash Tetris clone games I have ever played. The music is pretty awesome also, has like a dark tone to it. Like the retro look also. Good game!

    CRikhard, 2016-06-07 21:29:12

    Is it even possible to finish it by widening?

    Chris-Zoom, 2016-07-26 14:24:15

    Thanks fr creating Futiliris. By far one of the best tetris clone games made in flash. Really fun.

    YamatoTheAlien, 2016-08-09 17:33:26

    Nice way to spend hours doing NOTHING!

    Casper, 2016-09-15 05:11:56

    It’s amazing how absolutely perfect that quote is. Did they make a game around the quote?

    Limped, 2016-12-29 04:53:32

    I know it would be truly impossible to win this game, but I honestly didn’t expect it to be impossible to LOSE as well.

    If you keep dropping the blocks in the same area until you reach the top, it will start widening vertically as well (I don’t know what word to use for it…)

    Liam, 2017-01-05 16:04:32

    Gave me that kind of feeling of ennui and despair that I never thought could be replicated in videogames. Thank you.

    Daniel, 2017-03-16 20:09:09

    Wish more people in the game industry understood comedy in videogames as well as you do, man. Good job!

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