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Winter Vacation Story

Winter Vacation Story is a co-op survival game for PC, set in the Alaskan wilderness. It is the result of a game jam I took part in in the Unknown Worlds offices, over a year ago, and is finally released now!

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Frog Fractions

You can play Frog Fractions now! Also, Frog Fractions has an IGF entry page now! (So does Winter Vacation Story, while I’m at it.) Box quote time! These are all things that people who are not me said about Frog Fractions: “Ever thought it’d be cool to make a game where the content is 90% […]

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Coming Soon

I haven’t been posting here but I’ve totally been working on stuff! Upcoming things I’m working on: An iOS game I can’t talk about yet. Another iOS game that may never see release. “Winter Vacation Story,” a four-player survivalist game set in the Alaskan wilderness. Frog Fractions! I’ve set the hard deadline of submitting this […]

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