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Heavy Metal Princesses

I built this with a four-man team at the May 5th MADE game jam, in 8 hours. It was a surprise to me, too! I was just going to work on Frog Fractions, until we introduced ourselves and Luther kind of just… took charge of the table. It’s an asymmetrical co-op arena shooter in which […]

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Kid and Kid Update

I spent 45 minutes or so polishing off the worst rough edges of The Kid and The Kid for the GDC Pirate Kart. The major changes were, for posterity: Colored bullets per player, to make clear what you don’t have to dodge. Players no longer get points for enemies suiciding. Made kills worth more points […]

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The Kid and The Kid: Teal Alert

As promised, I made a game in 0 hours in the wee hours of the morning! Here it is: The Kid And The Kid: Teal Alert. It’s a co-op test of asymmetrical controls. One player moves and fires with the arrow keys and the other moves and fires with the mouse. Thanks to Shamayel for […]

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