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Skirt Quest Time-Lapse

Brian posted a time-lapse video of our respective desktops over the course of the development of Skirt Quest. For some reason his is more fun to look at!

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Skirt Quest

Brian and I made this for Molyjam 2013. It is a survival horror game set in 7th grade. To get through the school day without having a nervous breakdown, you must impress your peers by matching their skirt lengths. Watch out for the popular girls because their opinion is very influential!

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Huggy Bear Post-Mortem

So about a month ago, Doublefine programmer Anna Kipnis asked offhandedly on Twitter whether anyone would be interested in attending a Peter Molydeux-themed game jam. If you understood that sentence, feel free to skim the next few paragraphs:

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Huggy Bear

East Bay Molyjam 2012 represent!

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