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Pogo Grapple Racecars

For Klik of the Month 58 I took the Clockwise Carburetors assets and built another one-button racing game, this time with a considerably more complicated control scheme. The intention here is for you to get four friends playing the game at once and figuring the controls out together, but if you want me to spell […]

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Clockwise Carburetors

Louis Gorenfeld and the Pixie Engine guys and I took a break from Rich Vreeland’s Fez soundtrack release party for an hour to have a game jam on the patio. Here’s what I made:

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Huggy Bear

East Bay Molyjam 2012 represent!

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The Asshole Game

Play The Asshole Game before reading spoilers about it!

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The Kid and The Kid: Teal Alert

As promised, I made a game in 0 hours in the wee hours of the morning! Here it is: The Kid And The Kid: Teal Alert. It’s a co-op test of asymmetrical controls. One player moves and fires with the arrow keys and the other moves and fires with the mouse. Thanks to Shamayel for […]

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“Every accomplishment I do is outweighed by the need to do more. And my mistakes never go away, they just glare at me forever, even though they’re small and meaningless. There’s not even points. It just gets harder to see and slower to get things done until finally you don’t want to go on.”-Patrick Newnan

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Futility Pong

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Prodly the Puffin

A surrealist text adventure I wrote Craig Timpany many years ago. If you haven’t played text adventures before, you will probably not get anywhere in this game without reading Zarf’s Guide to IF.

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