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Skirt Quest Time-Lapse

Brian posted a time-lapse video of our respective desktops over the course of the development of Skirt Quest. For some reason his is more fun to look at!

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Huggy Bear Post-Mortem

So about a month ago, Doublefine programmer Anna Kipnis asked offhandedly on Twitter whether anyone would be interested in attending a Peter Molydeux-themed game jam. If you understood that sentence, feel free to skim the next few paragraphs:

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How to Embed SWF Animations in Your Flex Project

First, try embedding it like you would any other resource: [Embed(source = “art/mosquito.swf”] private static const Mosquito:Class; public static const mosquito:MovieClip = new Mosquito(); Then, try rendering it. private function onFrame(e:Event):void { screen.bitmapData.draw(Assets.mosquito); } It works! Bless the Flex API for being so straightforward and continue with your life, until you try calling one of […]

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