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Rubbery Racers

I made Rubbery Racers for 2013’s 0-hour game jam. Rubbery Racers is a game that explores the ramifications of rubber band racing AI. Play Rubbery Racers!

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Attack Donkey

In my post-GDC fugue state, I for some reason made the decision to immediately attend Daniel Moore’s 1-hour jam. Here is a video game:

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Frog Infarctions

My 0-hour game this year mostly reuses assets from Frog Fractions. Mostly. Steer with the arrow keys.

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Just Murderers: Havana Nights

A challenger appears: the eagle with the knife. Also, a new feature: team play. Also Havana! Also I tweaked everyone’s controls and the pollute-cycle might be a little too powerful now.

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Pogo Grapple Murderers

This is a four-player, one-button racing/murder sim. Play as a racecar that can only turn clockwise, and your goal is to make laps. Or, play as a pogo grapple murderer, and your goal is to pogo grapple murder the racecars by crashing into them. Music by Alan Smithee.

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Pogo Grapple Racecars: Tokyo Drift

The final word — hopefully — in Pogo Grapple Racecars.

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Pogo Grapple Racecars 2

The long awaited sequel!

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Clockwise Carburetors

Louis Gorenfeld and the Pixie Engine guys and I took a break from Rich Vreeland’s Fez soundtrack release party for an hour to have a game jam on the patio. Here’s what I made:

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The Kid and The Kid: Teal Alert

As promised, I made a game in 0 hours in the wee hours of the morning! Here it is: The Kid And The Kid: Teal Alert. It’s a co-op test of asymmetrical controls. One player moves and fires with the arrow keys and the other moves and fires with the mouse. Thanks to Shamayel for […]

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